Love is hard for you

Together forever? Principles of a happy relationship

Harmony and culture of debate

If you notice that something is upsetting you, stop for a moment. And think - what's really the problem? Does it actually have to do with the partner's behavior? Or did you have a bad day and angry about something else? Often we only really venture back home. A little thing becomes a matter of state. If a conflict really arises that you see in the partner's behavior, think about what you want first if possible. Just venting your negative feelings won't necessarily lead to insight. Argue calmly, objectively, purposefully and from your own point of view: Eg "I feel insecure when you have so much contact with your ex-girlfriend. I would like you to tell me what your conversations are about so that I can don't have to be jealous. "
It is difficult to change someone else's behavior. On the other hand, you have the greatest influence on your own.

Receive the love

Researchers have found that around nine compliments can outweigh a negative statement. So if you complain once, you have to praise nine times to repair the small crack in your partner's self-confidence. Compliments are important, strengthen us and give us security and satisfaction. Twice as good: when we see someone happy about a compliment, it also triggers feelings of happiness in us. Don't be afraid to praise even small things, soon you will see how it strengthens the relationship and also makes yourself happier, as you are looking for praiseworthy qualities and not only see the quirks of your partner.

Proofs of love are part of a happy relationship!

Small gifts show that you are thinking of the person you love. It doesn't have to be the big, expensive gifts - every now and then a little something is enough to sweeten someone's day. This can also be a small love letter or a bar of your favorite chocolate. We have 20 ideas to do something good for loved ones.

Practice mindfulness. Observe yourself - what do you feel, when does something bother you, what are you happy about? And also watch your partner - what annoys him, what does he like, what makes him downright euphoric? With this knowledge you can better assess yourself and your partner and do something good for your relationship.

Tip: Joint activities

Just go out together, explore the city and be open to new experiences. That strengthens the "we-feeling". Particularly effective: a visit to a leisure park! Scientists have found out that the joyful excitement of riding a rollercoaster and carousel together is transferred to the relationship: the body is fooled into thinking the butterflies of the first fall in love. It works like a fountain of youth for body, soul and relationship.