Why is riding called hacking

 Horse training: Western or English ??

This page was created because I unfortunately (all too often) see that people are ridden wrong:

If a horse has bad muscles or builds them up in the wrong place, the first thing the rider should ask himself is what the causes are. Usually too much is hand-ridden, the horse is ridden up too early or there is no active hindquarters. As a result, lessons are poorly executed. Unfortunately, you often see horses with little back muscles and shuffling hindquarters. It doesn’t matter whether you are riding in English or Western! A muscle can only be properly trained if the phases of work and recovery are properly coordinated in terms of time and intensity.

"The art of riding lies in motivating your horse in such a way that it believes that it actually wants what it does itself!"

As you can read in my profile, I have riding badges and the trainer's license from the two riding styles Western and English (meanwhile also from a third riding style: gaited horse riding).
I have not limited myself to one riding style, but train horses in both riding styles.
I am also of the opinion that there are good and bad riders everywhere (for every riding style). I also think it's a shame that the western riders and the English riders point their fingers at each other and often think the other riding styles are the worse

I think it's a shame when people judge riding styles even though they have never really looked at it !!

Since August 2009 I have another riding badge: Gaited Horse Riding Badge Bronze (IPZV) and I am happy to have advanced training in 3 riding styles :-))

That does not mean that I train a horse across the board, but that I make sure that the individual lessons of the respective riding style are carried out correctly.
It is very clear that every horse has its individual strengths or weaknesses in the individual disciplines: The performance can be increased to a certain extent through training, but the limits are somewhere. Physical deficiencies of the horse should be taken into account and the horse should not be forced to perform which it is physically and mentally unable to cope with !!
In my opinion, what all riding styles should have in common is that the horse performs lessons without compulsion. Horses should not be ridden from front to back, i.e. no pulling and tugging in the mouth, but rather approach the bit with an active hindquarters AND loose swing in the back! Everything that is achieved by pulling and tugging in the horse's mouth is at the expense of the active hindquarters and in the end the horses are unfortunately "ridden to death"! This should be considered for EVERY riding style.

ALL lessons should be able to be ridden without spurs! Spurs are not forbidden, but they do not belong in the hands of beginners! Nor do they belong in the basic training of the young horse !!
Trainers who are unable to move their horse forward without spurs should rethink their basic way of riding!
Many of my horses have not yet seen any spurs, even if you "make yourself easier" as a rider with spurs, the horse should walk sideways because it has understood the point of leaving its thigh and not because it wants to give way to the spurs in pain !!
Blunted, lazy horses are not that way because of their character, but because they were trained (or are forced) not to cooperate properly through improper riding.

The more often you use aids such as spurs, noseband or auxiliary reins, the more dependent you become on them.

I am against the fact that young horses are trained too quickly. Education begins on the ground and not just when you are riding. When I train a horse, it is so that the owner can handle it in the end. That means that something like this always has to be done in cooperation with the owner and in the end he should be able to cope with the horse on his own.

Lena at the age of 5 months with Isi

"Even the most inexperienced horse can still learn something from the best rider"


So please not:
I took the following pictures as if they were at a "horse show" ...
You really ask yourself who is stupid, the trainer who rides the horses like that or the owner who allows the horses to be ridden like that:

Horses with a kink from the third cervical vertebra and the head clearly behind the vertical!

with the curb on the stop, the horses are pulled down like a rolling curl !!
This has nothing to do with gymnastics! Shockingly, these riders are even successful in tournaments, maybe you should find out about the anatomy of the horse or just try it yourself whether such "contortions" are pleasant.

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