Are we aware of our consciousness

The power of the unconscious

It is your choice

You always have a choice, unless you automatically take the shortcut. In my example, what could you or the project manager do instead? This is where your consciousness comes into play. Because the first step to a new, more self-confident behavior is always and without exception your awareness of the otherwise unconscious emotional trigger and the action based on it - i.e. effect.

You can only choose a new, more suitable program for yourself when you no longer take the supposed shortcut. Only then can you find out what you really need and proceed according to the situation and circumstances:

  • You could talk to your boss and make it clear to him that you already see the importance of the project, but that you don't have the time. That you would like to talk to him about a solution that works for both sides.
  • If that doesn't help, you can definitely think about what you need to do your job well. Then you can specifically request the necessary support.
  • Or you can think about what will help you personally to recharge your own internal battery for the challenges ahead. So that you don't get under the wheels. You can plan time for all the things that are important.

In plain language, this means: Without the necessary self-confidence about your abbreviations and the associated assumption of responsibility, there is no scope for creativity and no self-determination. Then you are doomed to have the same frustrating experiences that spring from your automatic, emotional response.

I would like to give the following to all those who now think that I have no influence anyway: If you only take the shortcut, then you confirm the old system with your behavior, and you even reinforce it. This applies not only to managers, but to everyone in the company.

If you become aware of your feelings, thoughts, imprints, your emotional reactions and their effects, then you can set something in motion. You are already starting to change the existing system. Because such a change, or rather a transformation as we have before us, is not a big bang that happens once and everything is different. It is not a pill that we take and tomorrow we will all be on a completely different level of consciousness. This is not a one-time seminar that you attend and from next week everything will be completely different. But surely you know that best yourself.

This transformation is also a painful process at times. We would do well to align our unconscious and our mindset in such a way that it supports us. Only in this way can we build up inner stability and security of action, because we become more and more aware of our effectiveness and our creative power.

Our feelings play a very important role because they have a huge impact on our creativity and our openness to change and trying out new solutions. Knowing how to regulate your emotions can make this process a lot easier for you. But that would be another story.



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