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V-belt torn - what to do?

What can happen if the V-belt breaks and what should be done?

Unfortunately, a defect in the car does not always occur “according to plan” and the V-belt is sure to tear in an unsuitable situation. But if you keep a cool head in spite of the torn V-belt and possibly the lack of engine cooling, you have a very good chance that it will remain with a "moment of shock". Find out here the causes, signs and consequences of a torn V-belt. Compare the costs of changing the broken V-belt on your vehicle and find the right appointment for a fixed price at a workshop near you.

Why does a V-belt break?

The task of the V-belt is quickly explained. The rotary motion of the engine is transmitted to the belt on the crankshaft and can thus be used by other components of the engine. In particular, the car's alternator and water pump are still driven in this way in many vehicles. The V-belt must be tensioned accordingly for optimal power transmission. This tension leads - together with the high number of revolutions and the forces that occur - to a relatively fast wear of the belt. Age-related fatigue, the effects of weather and the smallest material defects promote wear and tear and sooner or later lead to the V-belt tearing if it is not replaced in time.

What happens if the V-belt breaks?

The acute damage caused by a broken V-belt

Once the V-belt breaks, the car's most important power source - the alternator - is no longer available and the convenient power steering usually fails instantly. However, these are only the acute damage patterns.

The consequential damage if a torn V-belt is ignored

The consequential damage to the car is particularly serious if a torn V-belt is ignored or not noticed. As a central element of the cooling circuit, the water pump fails and the engine is no longer flowed through by the cooling water. You can see that the engine is too hot by looking at the temperature display, which is gradually approaching the red zone. Unusual knocking or squeaking noises from the engine compartment can also indicate a defective or torn V-belt. The last act of a defective V-belt is in any case engine damage due to the lack of cooling.

Continue driving with a broken fan belt?

In principle, it is possible (but not advisable) to continue driving short distances even with a broken V-belt, as long as the engine has not overheated. You should go to the workshop quickly and change the V-belt. However, extreme caution is required if the engine overheats. The temperature display of the cooling water provides information about this. If the cooling water is already very hot when the V-belt breaks, the engine must be switched off immediately to prevent the risk of overheating and possible engine damage. The only thing that can really help here is the breakdown service to tow the car to the expert without damage.

Have the V-belt checked regularly for defects

If the V-belt breaks, the basic functions of the car are suddenly lost. This is risky in several ways. It is therefore a good idea to check the condition of the V-belt regularly. The experts in our workshops examine the belt, adjust the belt tension if necessary, or make a precautionary change. If the V-belt is defective, you should never wait until the V-belt has torn. Because the small investment in a new belt is financially in no way comparable to the possible costly consequences of a broken V-belt. Because: V-belt torn - engine damage possible!

Preventive replacement of the broken V-belt

Against the background of the possible costs, the preventive change of the belt is a sensible option, since a new V-belt can be had for a few euros. Only the costs of a broken V-belt for the workshop (installation, tension, adjustment) are a small cost factor for the driver.

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