How intelligent was Varys

Did Varys trust Tyrion after the events of A Storm Of Swords?

It is unclear whether Varys trusts Tyrion or not;since we don't know the inner workings of Varys' mind or its ultimate intentions ... Yes.But it doesn't matter, as Varys didn't have the chance to tell Tyrion about which is why the reason Varys trusts Tyrion is controversial.

Little birds can only whisper so far
This is an interesting case as after the events of A Storm of Swords

Where Tyrion his own father Tywin kills [1]

Tyrion will be in a box too Illyrios estate shipped in Pentos. This all happens very quickly and Varys has obviously no time Tyrion something to say.

While he's in Pentos, it is Illyrio, the Tyrion into their Targaryen Alliance and "plans" [2] , he tells Not Tyrion from the full plans, but that may or may not have something to do with confidence.

Tell or not tell
Tyrion is a broken man at this point. He was convicted of regicide (which he happened not to commit) and has been on the run ever since

Commit Patricide.

He's also drowning in a sea of ​​wine. He is definitely out of his mind, nor is he himself.

If Varys and Illyrio (Vallyrio) trust him when he's sober, it doesn't matter there Tyrion won't help much, let alone be trustworthy in its drunken stupor.

Whet your appetite
You see They see, Tyrion just lost his right to Casterly Rock, and Illyrio offers him the chance to win it back. that gets Tyrion going [3] .

On his way he slowly discovers that people are not what they say they are and other secrets like:

that is fascinating Tyrion and his curiosity very much; He just can't help but try to solve things and prove his intellect. He's finally finding out

The young handle turns out to be Aegon VI Targaryen (questionable, but this is a completely different fish kettle).

aaaaaaaand he's addicted!

It's the journey, not the destination
So Vallyrio is smart enough to know that Tyrion is an asset. It has proven itself several times:

  • Successful improvement of cisterns and drainage at Casterly Rock [4]
  • Successful evasion of the death penalty on Eyrie [5]
  • Successfully clear King's Landing while serving as the King's Hand
  • Successfully defend King's Landing against one of the most formidable forces to ever wage war against the city in the Battle of Blackwater [6]

Let alone all of his minor triumphs. So you are ready to meet him to use , and they know (in particular Varys with its many one-to-one deals with Tyrion ) that he is very intelligent and capable of that Intentions to lead or at least to advise, but he must be interested first! - hence the "journey" to discover the truth!

Mike. C. Ford

This raises a lot of interesting points: Perhaps Varys was working on throwing Tyrion out of King's Landing towards Targaryens as soon as he realized he was a true player of the GoT. He could even have made his Acting Hand downgrade to Master of Coin. I would only have accepted this answer from 'Vallyrio' but the idea that they sent him on a journey so he could solve the mystery of who each was is great for getting his mind back on problem solving and getting him interested in the plot before figuring out the details. Good answer!