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33 pantomime terms from funny to perverted

Whether as part of a popular party classic like Activity or as your own party game: pantomime is really fun with a group of friends! Especially when the charade terms to be presented are clever, not too simple and a little bit dirty here and there. We have compiled the best pantomime terms (from 18) for you here.

It doesn't always have to be party games from the age of 18 that end in disastrous drinking bouts. And “Have you ever” or “Never have I ever” questions are asked in a very private group of girls rather than in a large group where you don't even know one or the other. In such cases, pantomime is a fun game. This is not only suitable for children! After all, you can play pantomime more intensely ...

Pantomime: terms from different categories in a list

Before we present our list of pantomime terms, let's briefly review the general rules of the game: In pantomime, one or more people try to represent a certain term without words. With full physical effort, but completely without noise and without auxiliary equipment, you have to convey the word to your team within a certain period of time. Which group has guessed more terms first wins. So far, so easy!

So which terms are suitable for pantomime? We have a few suggestions for you!

# Funny

Just the idea of ​​someone trying to portray these things on Charade makes you grin. For example, you can use this to make a lot of laughs:

  • Pole Dance
  • Ski jumper
  • wild boar
  • Strip off
  • Flatulence
  • Rocking horse
  • infant
  • dentist
  • black ice
  • zombie
  • milk the cow

# Difficult

Really nasty are pantomime terms that contain no real activity (film title, objects ...) or those that can only be represented very cumbersome without utensils. These include, for example:

  • Easter Bunny
  • witch
  • Copy the buttocks
  • Revolving door (for example in a department store)
  • Waffle maker
  • mulled wine
  • Wet shave
  • Christmas ornament
  • chives
  • Chain carousel
  • Movies like Titanic, the Godfather, the Lion King ...

# Perverted (and definitely over 18!)

Now it's getting messed up. Let's be honest: a pinch of mess really heats up every game and provides that certain pinch of amusement. Have fun with these pantomime terms:

You can see more cool pantomime terms, presented in an extremely amusing way, here from Youtube star Bibi:

Whether at a house party, for a birthday or even as a game at a wedding: With the right pantomime terms, the classic game is still in a good mood today in small and large groups. Do you have any other ideas for funny pantomime terms? Let us know in the comments!

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