Can the new tax invoice be canceled?

Tax returns & receipts - you have to keep them


Every year the question arises: Where are the receipts for the tax return? Now you have an advantage if you have been collecting diligently over the year. Learn what to save and what to know for your next tax return from this article.


Are you obliged to file an income tax return or do you expect a tax refund and voluntarily submit a tax return to the tax office? If so, you have to follow a golden rule about supporting documents in your tax return:


If you present tax-saving expenses to the tax office, you are inBurden of proof. You must tell the tax office the amount of the Can provide evidence of expenses. Whether and for how long you need to keep this proof of tax expenditure depends to a large extent on the income you generate.


Receipts in the tax return: etiquette of conduct throughout the year

In order not to have to look for the necessary receipts for the tax return after the end of a tax year, it is advisable to file the receipts for the tax return in a folder or collect them in a shoebox during the tax year. That saves a lot of time.


Practical tip: If you have no receipts for tax-saving expenses in your tax return because you bought the work equipment (e.g. specialist book, cell phone, etc.) at the flea market, you should create your own receipt as soon as possible. Write down on a piece of paper what you bought, when and for what money. This receipt usually saves you tax savings if you have questions from the tax office.


Are receipts a must for the tax return?

Since 2017 you have to have the No longer attach receipts to your tax return. Instead, the so-called "obligation to retain documents" applies and the tax office can request receipts on a sample basis. But that does not mean that you do not need to have any receipts for the tax return. On the contrary: If the tax office follows up on certain expenses and you cannot provide any receipts, the tax office will delete the expense in your tax return!


A Special regulation applies to proof of a disability. If the lump sum is claimed for the first time due to a disability or if the circumstances change (in particular the degree of disability), a copy of the severely handicapped ID card is still required.