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2020 is more than affordable, explains the whole company: if you are not online, you cannot resist the market. Companies that previously relied on offline were conquering the internet at all costs, and those who were there before began to improve their brand on the web. Website support services used to be in great demand, but now website support has become not just a bonus but a necessity.

What is Internet Site Support?

Comprehensive site support enables business owners to completely relieve themselves of the headache of maintaining and maintaining a web resource. Experts take care of the stability of the work and all updates. Subscriber support of the site eliminates the risk of cyberattacks, allows you to quickly eliminate errors, replace information and adjust the incorrect operation of the resource, add new features, correct the design and layout.

Choose to order the Thanks to the DIGIANTS subscriber support you will get a quick implementation of your technical changes at a low price. Every customer who signs a contract for technical support of the website receives a personal manager. His area of ​​responsibility is to work with the developer and designer, calculate the labor intensity of the work and get the result. You delegate the project to professionals and do not waste time granting access, explaining the problem in detail and waiting for an answer about the possibility of its implementation. For a service like site support, the cost depends on several factors, with the key being the number of hours. For more information on the tariff options you can order, see the Site Support Pricing section.

Why do you need technical support for the site?

We created an opportunity to order site support by subscription. Site support for our regular customers to support their project and to constantly monitor the quality of the tasks. When you choose to order site support from DIGIANTS, you can be sure that the implementation of tasks for your project is at the top of our plan today.

Why is it more profitable to order technical support from DIGIANTS Site Support than to buy a special watch?

  • Personal manager. A personal manager is always in contact with you who is informed of everything that is happening with your project, gives an answer on the possibility of implementing this task and oversees the implementation process.
  • The priority of your project project. You can expect the editing services to be implemented within a day if you entrust us with such an important task as maintaining the website. Your project is always our priority:
  • Savings. Since this is not a one-time service but rather regular website support, the price you pay to maintain the resource is much more profitable. The more watches you buy, the more money you save. And of course, is it more profitable than paying someone a salary in a company?
  • Consulting. In addition to monthly resource support, a personal project manager will help you make the right decision for development and funding based on the experience of more than a hundred completed projects.
  • Save time and nerves. You communicate with only one person - a personal manager. We carry out all communication with employees or contractors in our company, organize their work and deliver a finished end product.
  • Experience. Would you like to integrate a warehouse or CRM or combine new analysis tools and programs? We already know how and will help you find out.
  • Always in contact. The tariffs for the "Site Support" service vary. Regardless of which one you choose, we will correct a critical error even on a weekend without increasing the price.
  • Guaranteed result. When you order the technical support of the site from DIGIANTS, you can be sure of the result the first time.

What types of services are included in the site technical support? DIGIANTS:

  1. Changes to site design, layout, design elaboration, adding. Pages.
  2. Edit in admin. Panel, site structure;
  3. Uploading documents and photos to the site
  4. Adding privacy policies
  5. Adding social networks. Networks to the site
  6. Adding and changing phone numbers
  7. Connect chats to the site
  8. Linking Marketing Tools
  9. Design and development of pop-ups and lead forms.
  10. Replacing fonts on the site.
  11. Edit the site menu.
  12. Replacing Links on the Site
  13. Development of additional. Functions on the website or in the admin area.
  14. Optimization of business processes for unloading and loading goods.
  15. Integration with third party services
  16. Integration with CPM and 1C
  17. Integration into telephony
  18. Connect the payment to the site
  19. Resolving critical errors
  20. Changes for SEO optimization
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    Payment Please note that DIGIANTS 'monthly service does not include work with servers and hosting, domains and setting up mail by domain. Changes to the website technical support contract will only be made if technically possible. We always approve the mandate with you and discuss in advance the number of hours that will be spent on each change.

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    The monthly website support cost depends on the number of hours it takes to work with the DIGIANTS website. We offer three options for the price of support for locations in Kiev, Ukraine and the world. The minimum price you can order is 10 hours.

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