What is Pirkei Avot

Pirkej Awot - sayings of the fathers

Sayings of the fathers: Pirkei Avot deer

Pirke Awot - The classic Jewish work of ethics here with a comment by Rabbi S.R. deer

Item number: 999800001911
Language: HE / DE
Published by Morascha Verlag
Hardback edition
125 pages


“If I am not to myself, who is to me? And as long as I am to myself, what am I? And if not now, when? "


Anyone who is interested in classical Jewish ethics, as Rabbi Hillel said, will get their money's worth here. The "Sayings of the Fathers" ("Pirkei Avot") is the part of the Talmud that deals exclusively with Jewish morals and ethics.


In many Jewish communities one chapter per week is studied and discussed. This helps the reader cope with ethical and moral challenges during the week.


An exciting book based on very old, spiritual, Jewish traditions. With a timeless comment from Rabbi Hirsch, the last one he wrote. It was published after his death.


A classic of German Jewry.


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