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Hello everyone, I recently signed up for Aliexpress, as this platform was often mentioned here as a cheap source of all kinds of electronics, provided you have the time to wait. :-) But please, what about the (almost always free) shipping of items under 25 € (below the EUSt limit)? Often, under shipping: "Germany per China Post Registered Air Mal" and also "Germany per AliExpress Standard Shipping" is specified. What does that mean? Does it have to be signed upon delivery, i.e. receipt must be acknowledged in writing? I have the problem that I can never be at home during the day during the usual delivery times and would otherwise have to drive about 23 km to the post office and the same route back to pick it up. But enough of the gibberish now: Do deliveries from Aliexpress have to be acknowledged (signed)? Thanks Dave

"Registered Air Mail" is a registered airmail letter. Swiss Post delivers this as a registered letter, i.e. with a signature. Usually there is a tracking number for follow-up. "Standard Shipping" is a normal airmail letter. It ends up in the mailbox (if it fits in). Tracking is not possible.

@soul eye: Super and thank you very much for your explanation. :-) So I will order something explicitly via "Standard Shipping". Thanks again, Dave

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Dave T. wrote:> Great and thank you very much for your explanation. :-) He should explain that to the post office, at least those with us often don't understand it themselves. The extreme for me were 10 OLED displays that I ordered. The dealer sent them in 10 individual bags. 4 ended up in the mailbox, 3 I was allowed to pick up at the post office counter, 2 were at customs and one was returned from customs because there was no CE on it (LED lamps?). But most of it just ends up in the mailbox, only the postwoman laughs at me more and more often when she sees me ;-)

Won K. wrote:> the postwoman laughs> more and more often from No, at me. She's laughing at you, definitely. :-) But yes, that would be a different problem if such programs were classified differently here. What can you do about it? Probably nothing at all, I think.

soul e. wrote:> as registered delivery, so with signature. They have obviously said goodbye to that, here several shipments arrived in the mailbox or at the neighbor's! If the delivery person is new or stupid, I have a slip of paper in the box, and the insurance agency with post office has stupid opening times. Dave T. wrote: What does that mean? Small items up to 5 U $ D come as a normal letter, the shipment must be traceable via this - Ali has been demanding from the sellers for a while. It can also happen that a shipment is deposited at customs, then you can drive to the local customs office, I already had. Be prepared for strongly fluctuating delivery times, the days a measuring device arrived after 13 days, I have been waiting for an assortment of spacer bolts for 45 days, a couple of connectors after 58 days ... You should track everything, after 60 days "open dispute" with goods not received! If the seller comes across as credible (rather seldom) when asked, he can be allowed an extension.

Fred P. wrote:> Ali has been asking the salespeople for a while. Lol - have you ever tried to watch a show like this? Please show the continuous tracking information (of course without your particular place of residence ...) Fred P. wrote:> Everything should be tracked, after 60 days "open dispute" with goods> not received! I have never had. The rule is (for me) 3 - 5 weeks.

Interesting, in Germany it doesn't seem to work any differently with the post office than here in Switzerland: Registered parcels land directly in the mailbox (value of goods 350.-, no customs clearance) and vice versa, things sometimes stay at customs for 7 days until you intervene . I would estimate that I only have to pick up every 15th letter / parcel, even though almost everything would be registered. That's fine with me, because nobody steals from our mailboxes and the way to the post office is tedious (common sense of the postman). All in all, I order from Aliexpress if it doesn't matter whether it will be there in 2 or 4 weeks. You just have to be aware that sending it back is more expensive than writing off the goods.

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Dieter F. wrote:> Lol - have you ever tried to watch such a program? Show> please the continuous tracking information (of course without> your particular place of residence ...) Currently, 'AliExpress Standard Shipping' is even processing the delivery confirmation from the post office, but there is a small gap between the departure and the delivery ...
1Delivery successful
22017-11-08 12:45:22 [GMT + 2]
4Delivery failed
52017-11-08 09:28:49 [GMT + 2]
7Leave the country of origin
82017-11-03 15:25:03 [GMT + 8]
10Shipment accepted by the airline
112017-11-01 14:31:47 [GMT + 8]
13The shipment has left the warehouse in the country of origin
142017-10-31 10:36:58 [GMT + 8]
16Shipment sent
172017-10-30 22:03:41 [GMT + 8]
19Shipment in the warehouse in the country of origin
202017-10-30 22:03:41 [GMT + 8]

Won K. wrote:> Departure and> delivery a small gap please give the tracking number. or make a hard copy of the shipment tracking and gray out your address if necessary. Paper and screen are patient :-)

Dieter F. wrote:> Lol - have you ever tried to watch a program like this? Yes, use, it always goes wrong with Deutsche.Post or DHL.

> Yes, use, it always goes wrong with Deutsche.Post or DHL. Yes, as you can read there, it wasn't meant for you at all ... ;-)

Won K. wrote:> 'AliExpress Standard Shipping' is currently processing the> delivery confirmation from the post office, that's how it is, at least sometimes - and if you don't acknowledge receipt from Ali fast enough, you get a friendly reminder ... (" tracking shows delivery of goods, please confirm ... ")