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Marvel Anime and DC - Superheroes of the West

It is obvious that Marvel and DC Comics are successful around the world. Almost everything related to it gains a lot of media space and is very profitable. We can see this because of the huge success and impact that the movie Avengers Ultimatum has made. But before that, Marvel has already made quite a fame for its animated TV or movies.

But have you ever wondered if characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk or Spiderman were anime characters? What many don't know is that Marvel has already partnered with Japanese studios and those partnerships resulted in some animes that may not have been as well known. But for those who are fans, it is worth taking a look.

Something is called there Marvel Animewhich consists of four series of anime produced in collaboration with Marvel and the famous and epic studioMadhouse. & Nbsp; A. DC Comics also had an anime from the same studio.

Now let's look at a list of an anime based on Marvel characters. Then we move on to some DC comic anime.

Anime based on marvel characters

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (2014)

This anime was developed by the famous Toei Animation studio and directed by Toshiaki Komura. The animation premiered in 2014 on Disney XD in Japan and TV Tokyo with a total of 51 episodes.

In short, Stark Industries is developing a new technology called DISK that will allow you to scan and arrest criminals on small devices. Knowing this, Loki steals this technology and uses it to free supervillains from prison. Together, these villains defeat the avengers and lock them up in the panes.

But a group of children appear and free the heroes of the DISKs, but in a temporary manner. In this fight against villains, discs spread across the earth and imprisoned various heroes and villains. Then the Avengers get together with the group of kids and set out to find all the lost DISKs.

Marvel Future Avengers (2017)

Madhouse Studios, in collaboration with Marvel, released the anime Marvel Future Avengers in July 2017. The anime was directed by Ryuu King, famous for Dragon Ball Super. The character design was done by Takahiro Umehara of Claymare and Beyblade.

The anime tells the story of Makoto, a little boy who gains strength in a genetic manipulation experiment. With these powers, Makoto and other empowered youths join the Avengers.

These young people are treated like apprentices, but trained by Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Vespa to become the Avengers of the future. The anime has 26 episodes.

X-Men: Anime (2011)

This was also produced in collaboration between Marvel and Japanese studio Madhouse. The story begins with Jean Gray becoming the black phoenix on earth. And in order to save the earth, it sacrifices itself for the common good. Her death causes the X-Men group to split.

Professor Xavier later discovers that mutants in Japan have a problem called David Haller Syndrome. A new mutant named Hisako is also appearing in Japan.

However, she is unable to control her powers. All of this leads to the X-Men team getting back together. This leads them to find some mutants responsible for Jean's death.

They also face a group that steals and transplants organs from mutants to form an army. The anime has 12 episodes and is considered one of the best anime adaptations based on Marvel characters.

Iron man (2010)

This 12-episode anime is also another partnership between Madhouse and Marvel. The anime principle is very simple. Tony Stark goes to Japan to create and unveil a new armor called Iron Man Dio.

This suit was meant to replace Stark when he retired. But something goes wrong and the suit gets out of hand and becomes a threat. Then Tony and some allies come together to stop the threat from Iron Man Dio.

In 2013, the film Iron Man: Rise of Technovore was released as a sequel to the anime.

Wolverine (2011)

Logan has his girlfriend Mariko Yashida kidnapped and brought to Tokyo. The person responsible for this kidnapping is Mariko's own father, who directs the crime in Japan. He wanted her to marry another man named Hideki Kurohagi. Logan then goes on a rescue mission.

Other adversaries not only have to face his father and arrange a fiancé, but they also seem to impede his path. The anime was also produced by MadHouse studio and is based on a story by the famous Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. The anime has 12 episodes.


Eric Brooks is a day walker and a vampire hunter. In this anime, Blade visited Japan on a mission where he will face Deacon Frost (the vampire who killed his mother) and fight "Existence," a mysterious organization of vampires.

He turns to Makoto, a vampire hunter who chased him to avenge his dead father, for help. Logan makes a small entrance too.


There are few DC anime by Japanese. Among them we have 2 batman anime that are Batman: Gotham Knight and Batman ninja. There are old Japanese animes like Golden Batman and Galactic Wonder Princess.

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Did you know anything about it? Which Marvel character would you like to see in the anime?

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