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Healing stones - meaning and effect

Healing stones have been said to have a particularly healing effect for thousands of years. This is how the Benedictine nun Hildegard von Bingen described the various gemstones and their healing properties. The healing properties of gemstones are still used today and are often combined with gemstone therapies. For all who rely on natural healing possibilities, the combinations of healing stones and jewelry, precious stones and chakras as well as healing stones as decoration or flatterers are very popular.

But which healing stones are there and how or against what do they help? We give an overview:

Agate red - the luck and protection stone

The red agate is known as a luck and protection stone and is said to protect against bad influences and even against depression. He should also be known for keeping all evil away and for strengthening willpower and sensitivity in dealing with other people. The red agate should give its wearers a feeling of security, protection and security. The red agate is also said to help relieve tension and become more resistant to external influences. In addition, it is said that the healing stone can increase interest in women if the gemstone is worn directly on the body.

Strengthens: Inner stability, perception of one's own personality, creativity and a sense of reality.
Contributes to: Doubt, depression, tension, melancholy, shyness
Chakra: Root chakra

Amethyst - the soul cleaner

The amethyst is said to have a particularly cleansing ability on the mind and clears up all superfluous thoughts and sensations. This is intended to promote concentration and strengthen the objectivity of thinking, which in turn enables the wearer to make decisions more quickly. With the help of the amethyst, grief, grief, test anxiety or learning difficulties should also be alleviated or resolved. In addition, due to its purple color, the healing stone is said to inspire the imagination, as it releases blockages and inhibitions. This promotes, for example, the processing of conflicts through dreams. The amethyst lets its wearer come to rest and free from emotional stress and fears. It also promotes self-confidence and supports its wearer in getting through everyday life more easily.

Strengthens: Intuition, concentration, self-confidence, inner calm, imagination, ability to make decisions
Contributes to: Grief, blockages, stress, imbalance, restlessness, nervousness, emotional stress
Chakra: Crown chakra

Antigorit - the peacemaker

The antigorite should keep out external influences, offer protection and give a deep inner peace. For this reason, it can help with mood swings, reduce tension and stress and also alleviate aggression. The healing stone should also help you to achieve your goals and to bring your own desires into harmony with the real, physical possibilities.

Strengthens: Serenity, life balance, interpersonal areas, protection against "evil"
Contributes to: Stress, mental imbalance, arguments, nervousness, aggressiveness
Chakra: Heart chakra, sacral chakra

Aventurine red - the sunstone

A sales process is rarely linear and strictly follows the pattern described above. The digital sales funnel picks up on this phenomenon and depicts this process in the form of a funnel. At each stage, potential customers drop out for a variety of reasons. Some interested parties want to take more time to compare prices, others are waiting for special offers or want to hold the product in their hands before buying and go to stationary retailers for this purpose. The so-called bounce rate indicates how many users have left the sales funnel without having bought a product. The aventurine, also called sunstone, is said to soothe the mind and have a balancing effect on the psyche, whereby it should be able to drive away anger and hot temper. The healing stone should also be able to change one's own perception and thus distract from weaknesses, failures and deficiencies. The aventurine also gives confidence and helps to overcome fears, worries and depression.

Strengthens: Optimism, personality, balance, courage
Contributes to: Worry, anger, anger, fear, depression
Chakra: Heart chakra

Construction agate - the power source

The construction agate should help to face problems and challenges much more decisively. The healing stone should help you to reflect on your own strength and offer inner peace and the necessary endurance and security even in uncomfortable life situations. In addition, the construction agate ensures that children are treated more sensitively and comprehensively. Together with the chrysoprase, it also reduces arrogance and also provides warmth and peace.

Strengthens: Determination, inner calm, dealing with children, vitality, perseverance
Contributes to: Indecision, powerlessness, insecurity, imbalance
Chakra: Heart chakra

Rock crystal - the philosopher's stone

The rock crystal is considered a "Master Healer" stone and is intended to provide clarity and order on the way to one's own self. It promotes the calming of the mental state as well as the harmonious alignment of the higher self. This healing stone is supposed to solve blockages and harmonize the energy system. The rock crystal gives openness and a clear perception towards other people. In addition, it promotes the sense of justice and gives its wearer a better sense of the right time.

Strengthens: External perception, decision-making, intuition, inner peace, self-confidence, personality development, sleep
Contributes to: Indecision, blockages, excess energy
Chakra: Crown chakra

Chrysoprase - the stone against cloudy thoughts

The chrysoprase was already considered a remedy for depression in ancient times. It should give calm, trust and security and help to new perspectives and hope. With the help of this healing stone, new paths in life should be mastered better and with more foresight. The chrysoprase is said to be able to help with grief and to dissolve negative thoughts and to better deal with stressful events from the past. In a partnership, he should ensure more loyalty and counteract jealousy. It is also said to help with sleep problems and nightmares.

Strengthens: Optimism, inner peace, security, peaceful sleep, loyalty in partnership
Contributes to: Heartache, depression, jealousy, nightmares, negative thoughts, trouble sleeping
Chakra: Heart chakra

Citrine - the mood enhancer

The citrine is supposed to alleviate stress, depression and grief and give new zest for life. It cheers up the mood and also strengthens self-confidence, determination and your own individuality. In addition, the citrine should provide clarity in life and arouse curiosity for new things and help to process negative experiences better.

Strengthens: Joy of life, curiosity, joy of expression, mental fitness, comprehension
Contributes to: Gloomy mood, depression, insecurity, stress, fatigue
Chakra: Solar plexus chakra

Honey calcite - the intuition enhancer

The honey calcite is said to strengthen intuition, promote intellectual development and help to achieve a positive attitude towards life. In addition, this healing stone should give more energy, self-confidence and steadfastness in problematic situations. The honey calcite activates the inner knowledge and helps the wearer to rely on his intuition in the personal learning process. The healing stone has a warming and calming effect.

Strengthens: Intuition, self-confidence, steadfastness, optimism
Contributes to: Self-doubt, learning blocks, pessimism
Chakra: Sacral chakra

Jasper agate - the one that brings calm

The jasper should bring inner calm and mindfulness and strengthen endurance and willpower. Ideas and goals can be considered and implemented carefully with more energy. This healing stone should also promote self-knowledge and understanding for other people. In addition, jasper should improve concentration, intellect and memory and support logical-rational thinking. This is intended to support its wearer in recognizing problems, finding solutions and implementing them quickly.

Strengthens: Mindfulness, perseverance, inner stability, self-knowledge, concentration, calm, relaxation, realization
Contributes to: Poor concentration, inner tension, melancholy, worries, doubts
Chakra: Solar plexus chakra

Malachite - the joyful one

The malachite is said to inspire the imagination, improve perception and increase concentration. It should strengthen the power of observation and help the wearer to make quick and clear decisions. The malachite is also supposed to promote the sense of aesthetics, beauty, sensuality, justice and friendship, to bring more understanding and love towards the environment and to clarify deferred feelings and needs. With more balance and joie de vivre, malachite can also contribute to a more harmonious partnership. Malachite should also be a comforting companion for lovesickness.

Strengthens: Joy of life, satisfaction, success, imagination, concentration
Contributes to: Shyness, dissatisfaction, imbalance, self-actualization, contentment
Chakra: Heart chakra

Obsidian - the blockage reliever

The obsidian is said to be particularly good at releasing blockages, fears, states of shock and trauma and helping to deal with past experiences and relieve the pain associated with them. Together with the rhodonite, this healing stone is supposed to act as a "first aid stone in case of accidents". At the same time it should let the obsidian discover good things in things and help to learn from experience. The healing stone should also promote unused abilities, strengthen the flow of life energy, increase inner vision, improve perception and protect against energetic attacks and external energies.

Strengthens: Perception, unconscious talents, inner calm, change, optimism, patience, logical thinking, perseverance
Contributes to: Anxiety, depression, trauma, shock, ADHD, tension
Chakra: Root chakra

Rose quartz - the stone for lovers

The rose quartz is said to be a particularly important healing stone for the heart, as it ensures sensitivity and romance. It is considered to be the stone of lovers, as it awakens longings and desires and strengthens the receptivity to love. At the same time, it should reduce or even disappear fears of relationships and incomprehension when dealing with other people. Since the heart opens more through the rose quartz, the wearer of the healing stone dares more and gets more confidence in their own abilities. The rose quartz therefore also has a calming effect on the mind. Through this healing stone a relationship can come to new harmony and understanding. In addition, the stone is said to meet the need for sexuality in a tender and sensitive way. In the case of lovesickness, the healing stone should prevent the heart from closing, help with letting go and thus alleviate the suffering. The calming and gentle effect of this healing stone should also give its wearer more open-mindedness, which allows him to develop more confidence for a new beginning. The rose quartz should also help to heal mental wounds.

Strengthens: Love, self-love, romance, harmony, open-mindedness, sensitivity
Contributes to: Heartache, lovesickness, relationship problems, self-doubt, problems in sexuality
Chakra: Root chakra

Tiger eye - the encouragement

The tiger's eye should give courage, security and protection, refine the senses and give distance in case of ambiguity. This allows a clear view of things and helps to make important decisions. The healing stone is supposed to protect against stress, doubts, strain and changing moods through more balance. This should also help solve problems with the help of the tiger's eye. The healing stone is also supposed to increase concentration, help with anxiety and depression and maintain a down-to-earth attitude.

Strengthens: Courage, security, concentration, optimism, awareness, decision making
Contributes to: Doubt, stress, depression, exhaustion, sadness
Chakra: Solar plexus chakra

Turquoise - the protector

The turquoise is supposed to offer protection and warn of coming dangers. So it should protect your wearer from foreign, unfavorable and manipulative influences. This healing stone should also help you to be more successful, as it should strengthen self-confidence, improve communication skills and promote energy and assertiveness. The turquoise is also said to help with depression and give you the strength to protect yourself and to withdraw and recover from stress and influences from the environment. In this way he should be able to balance the mind, bring the wearer back to other thoughts and give life force to cope with his own life.

Strengthens: Energy, professional success, self-confidence, expressiveness, joy, communication, perseverance, knowledge
Contributes to: Expressionlessness, depression, insecurity, listlessness
Chakra: Throat chakra

Whether as a pendant, bracelet or for decoration: There is a suitable healing stone for every situation and mood, which is a special and personal gift (to yourself) in every case.

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