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Question: What does ESD actually mean?
Answer: ESD (Electronic Software Download) is the fastest and easiest way to buy software and software licenses. The software is bought and paid for online and delivered digitally immediately. In the past there were stickers (COA) and product key cards (PKC) for this.


Question: What about ESD if I order a DVD for it?
Answer: In addition to the license, you will receive an installation DVD. In this case the key will be deposited on the attached invoice. You should then keep both well,


Question: What does "used" actually mean or mean for me as a buyer?
Answer: This means that the product key has already been activated and assigned to a Microsoft account. But: the original owner uninstalled the program and released the product key for further use.


Question: What is the difference between a new version and a used one?
Answer: There is only one difference to "new". When needed it may be that it has to be activated by telephone. But that's rarely the case, and when we do, we help.


Question: Is it all legal?
Answer: Yes of course. At least the way we do it. You will also receive the license for the product key for activation. Also suitable for Microsoft audits. According to the latest legislation, the license can be transferred and reactivated. This also applies if you change the PC yourself later. You can then activate the key again - even more often. However, never on several PCs at the same time. Exception: Office 365 Home, as this program is designed for 5 PCs. However, this is an annual version (365 days).


Question: Are these basically slimmed-down or time-limited versions?
Answer: No, they are always full versions. Except, as mentioned, for the Office 365 version, which is limited to one year.


Question: One hears again and again that product keys are blocked after a short time. Can that happen to me with you too?
Answer: As a rule, legal MS accounts are not blocked. Here Microsoft acts according to its own system. In this case nothing will happen to you. Should this actually happen, simply contact us immediately and you will receive a replacement key. We will then clarify the incident with Microsoft.


Question: Does the original owner of the used key have access to my MS account or even to my PC?
Answer: No, of course not. This is not technically possible at all.


Question: Why are you so cheap?
Answer: We are actually more in the middle price segment. Cheaper or cheap are the keys that are thrown on the market for 10-20 €, come from China and are quickly blocked.


Question: Where do the keys come from?
Answer: It is different. The older keys are of course offered to us in huge numbers. The newer keys are often wrong orders. The customer usually buys the cheaper Home & Student version, but then realizes that he needs "Outlook", so he has to buy Home & Business and gives us the used Home & Student back, etc.


Question: The DVDs say “Not for Resale”.
Answer: Since the latest case law, it is of course the same with DVDs as it does with licenses.


Question: Why do some keys have to be activated over the phone?

Answer: There can be several reasons for this, mainly we see it as pure arbitrariness, because you will get the following confusing message already with the 2nd activation; "The maximum number of activations has already been reached for this product key"
But we will give you everything on the way to be able to carry out the activation anyway.
If necessary, we will carry out the activation for you.




European legal situation

"A software manufacturer cannot oppose the resale of its 'used' licenses that allow the use of its programs downloaded from the Internet."

From press release No. 94/12 on the judgment in case C-128/11 of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ)


Information obligations of the seller before the sale of used software, according to OLG Hamburg, decision of June 16, 2016 - 5 W 36/16 Rn. 37 ff. = CR 2016, 642 ff.

Annotation: This view of the OLG Hamburg has not yet become the subject of the highest court rulings. We stick to it anyway.

Accordingly, a seller of used software licenses must already inform potential buyers in their sales offer about:

  • the supply chain and the authorization with regard to the used software offered, or the license (we are able to do this. We also have the login of the Microsoft account on which the licenses are stored)
  • the circumstances that have led to the exhaustion of the right to distribute the used software in terms of copyright law within the meaning of Section 69c No. 3 UrhG (through verifiable purchase of the license)
  • the fact that the seller and, if applicable, previous owners of the software license have deleted their copies of the software or otherwise rendered them unusable (we can only act in good faith)
  • the right of the potential purchaser to use all updates and updates to the software that have come out since the initial purchase of the basic version.
    (You will automatically receive this from Microsoft as long as it is made available)

In addition, we can assure you that;


  • The software that is the subject of the contract was acquired for an unlimited period and paid for in full.
  • No ancillary agreements have been made that affect the intended use of this software.
  • There are no third party rights to the software, nor have the relevant licenses been transferred to any other person or entity.
  • The software was brought into circulation in the area of ​​the European Union or another signatory state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area by way of sale or, in accordance with the contract, to an affiliated company of the first purchaser in the area of ​​the EU or another signatory state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area



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We almost exclusively sell ESD retail versions (single user licenses) that are transmitted digitally. DVDs are also supplied with ESD licenses, which are included on the invoice.


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