What makes someone a serious book critic?

What is a review? Explanation and tips for writing

Write a review

In the school one often gets the task, a review about a book to write that is being read in class. Using the example of a book review, we will make it clear what you should consider when writing. However, these tips largely apply to the other types of reviews as well.

If you write a review of a book, you provide information about it content and assess it afterwards. There inform you your reader on the one hand, judge but also on the other hand about the book. Always remember that it is a Judgment of taste acts, because other readers may rate the book very differently.

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Your judgment is convincing, If you justify can.

When writing a review, you need two Aspects unite: Reviews should in many cases not only be benefit, but also to chat. You should adapt your writing style and your text to this lively, vivid and sometimes too funny shape.

The preparatory work for a review

Your review needs to be thorough prepared become. A prerequisite for a good review is that you read the book very carefully beforehand dealt with has. That means that you do it thoroughly read and you notes make things that stand out to you.

This is how you build a review

A review consists of three parts: introduction, Bulk and Enough

In the introduction you give generalInfo for the book price:

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Title, author, genre, content, interesting questions, etc.

So this is where you put the book in front and introduce it. It is important at this point that you not too much reveals the content to the curiosity of the reader to maintain.

It follows a Bulk. He is the judgmental Part. Here you lead yours opinion on and describereasoningwhat you like or dislike about the book. Also go to the style of the author. Is the book exciting or boring? Is the language clear? Also examine how that Main theme is shown in the book and which Motifs stick out.

in the Final part you move in Conclusion. Here you can Main messages Again and summarize the book recommend or do not recommend. Also Quotes can be installed here. Sometimes it is also advisable to close the book with other works at the end to compare or it up social or politicalProblems to acquire. For example, a final sentence can look like this:

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A highly recommended book that makes you think. Profound, exciting and strong main characters. Prepare for long nights of reading!

Tips for writing a review

The important thing is that you definitely do not too much reveals about the work and the reader the curiosity take to deal with it yourself. You should also post your review in Present compose. Quotes you can also use it. You can give the reader a taste of the content.

You already have a few information to receive reviews. Maybe you can now post a review on your new one favorite book write and recommend it to your classmates?

Your Knowledge you can with our tasks testing. At the Write yours review we wish you a lot of fun!