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How Design the Skyline wrote the worst song in the world

I know what you're thinking now, in all honesty, hand on my heart, I would do it too, since everything has been felt ten thousand times.

So why one of these supposedly poppy and ironic texts with a superlative in the title, which promises clarification about the supposedly worst song in the world, but then only uses the transparent clickbait strategy, now also the last one, at least halfway interested in music Entice the user to click on the article so that he can quickly check out the band, the song title and the genre mentioned here and then compare it with his own inner musical aestheticism compass, only to finally leave a note in the comment field, which song in his opinion the really worst song ever.

For everyone who wants to get it over with quickly. Band name: Design the Skyline. Song title: "Surrounded by Silence". Genre: It's complicated.

For everyone who wants the long version: This is really bad, really bad, and yes, the superlative in the title is justified. Great music journalist's word of honor.

But what is this actually about? It's about one of the first, really big, virtual shit storms in the YouTube music world bubble at a time when there were actually no shit storms in the YouTube music world bubble. Crime scene: Internet. Defendant: Design The Skyline. Never heard? Not bad at all! Maybe just rightly forgotten.

The drama happened exactly ten years ago when the eight-piece band from Corpus Christi, Texas, was introduced as the great young hope of the then still respected hardcore label Victory Records. But that with the hope that it didn't go really well. Their first single "Surrounded by Silence" was the song that had the worst like-dislike balance of all rock songs of all time.

In the end, music is not just music

The music critics have seldom been as united as here, as in this case. This one, the critics printed and blogged, this is without question the worst song of all time.

Sure, one could argue now, let people write in the music press and on the internet what they want to write in the music press and on the internet. Everything here is already littered with words and opinions, a few more comments don't hurt anymore, and besides, music is music, and music tastes can be argued about.