Why is cigarette like a laxative

Coffee and cigarette

The morning coffee with a cigarette - for many people these two stimulants simply belong together, and a morning without them would be unthinkable. Some just enjoy this stylish ritual, but - hand on heart - most of these people are addicted to caffeine and nicotine, and the addiction shows up in the morning.

As already explained in the article coffee addiction, this addiction is - contrary to what many people think - by no means pure imagination but scientifically verifiable, since both caffeine and nicotine are alkaloids.

For good digestion in the morning

If you are one of those people who first want to relieve themselves in the morning, you are in good company - and you are right: because a well-functioning digestion with a daily “large” is good for your health, as everyone does Day many toxins are excreted.

If these toxins are not secreted, they remain in the intestine for a much longer time and thus get back into the bloodstream: so-called re-poisoning occurs. They are one of the reasons why coffee drinkers feel so uncomfortable after they have not had coffee for a few days and the usual morning relief does not materialize.

Both coffee and cigarettes have a stimulating effect on digestion and speed up bowel movements. This is why coffee is also popular as a light laxative, while the inhibition threshold for reaching for cigarettes is much greater unless you are a smoker.

Bring the brain metabolism back to normal

Another reason why coffee and cigarettes are indispensable for many people in the morning is - as was already suggested at the beginning of the article - that their brain metabolism did not get any caffeine or nicotine overnight. Both addictive substances have long since been phased out.

Anyone who only realizes in the morning that they have either run out of coffee or cigarettes - or, in the stupidest case, even both - will be in a very bad mood because the usual everyday drugs are not at hand. And: if you are really addicted, you will quickly run out of the house to get both.

Not only in the morning an unbeatable duo for many

For those people who are into the stylish coffee and cigarette cult, it does not depend on the time of day whether coffee and cigarette are combined: Even with afternoon coffee, one or the other would prefer to enjoy their coffee with a certain smoldering stick - and if they want it too have to go out into the cold in winter.

You'd better give up cigarettes

While coffee - when consumed in moderation - is a relatively healthy food (although this is also controversial), every smoker knows that they would be better off without cigarettes.