How many bowling pin patterns are possible

Become self-employed with a skittle alley / bowling alley

Slide a calm ball? Some of this can be used for start-ups in the business idea presented here'Become self-employed with a skittle alley / bowling alley' truly be out of the question! With this start-up, it is more than proverbial that everything is steered in a well-managed direction and that a concept that is unique and very attractive from the customer's point of view is developed right from the start. Because the analysis of the initial situation will reveal that the framework conditions for opening a bowling alley / skittle alley do not speak in favor of a sure-fire success.

All nine? Difference skittles / bowling

Before we start, this central question should be answered briefly. This article basically sheds light on both forms. A well-founded differentiation is necessary, however, in order to be able to carry out a goal-focused and strategic alignment of the business idea.

At first glance, bowling and bowling alleys look almost the same, but the differences are in the details. At 25.22 meters, the process of bowling alleys is around one meter shorter than that of a bowling alley. The bowling alley itself is also narrower. In bowling, the skittles are called pins. In bowling there are 9 targets to hit, in bowling there are 10 pins. As for the playground equipment on the lanes, bowling balls are heavier than bowling balls. This creates a different feel that can make a noticeable difference. In addition, bowling balls have three holes as standard so that the ring finger, middle finger and thumb can be securely held.

Apart from these technical differences, the analysis of the initial situation should also focus on the respective Image of skittles and bowling To be received, about opportunities and threats for marketing to be able to derive a new bowling or skittle alley.

Setting up a business with a skittle alley: becoming self-employed in the entertainment industry

  • Analysis of the initial situation

  • Business plan: These topics are crucial

  • How do you win customers for a skittle alley?

  • Requirements to open a bowling alley?

  • Income from a bowling alley / skittle alley?

Analysis of the initial situation

The most important thing to consider when analyzing the initial situation is the economic opportunities or the specific demand at the location. Because ultimately the best concept is of no use if there is simply no demand for skittles or bowling at the location. The question that needs to be asked is which direct competition already exists and to what extent your own concept can open up attractive added value for potential customers?

Many people no longer even know that bowling was a competitive sport in Germany until the early 1990s. The enthusiasm for bowling has noticeably subsided. Associations complain about a strong decline in membership and sometimes fear for their existence. Today there is not much left of the cone boom of the 1970s. This once popular trend sport has a rather dusty image, many young people can no longer get excited about it.

The situation looks better in bowling because the american lifestyle around it can be staged as added value. In general, with regard to both sports, it can be said that the Germans push a calm ball. Many young people in particular are no longer interested in sports in general, and in these two in particular. Bowling alleys are often located in the basement or side rooms of pubs, although the number has been declining for years.

A new spirit of optimism is needed!

The image perceived in public cannot really arouse the desire to discover bowling or bowling for yourself. In order to use a concrete value for the development as an orientation, reference is made to the number of members of the German Skittles and Bowling Association: In 2002 these were over 250,000, in 2019 it is only a little over 70,000. The professional organization is decreasing strongly, so that the target group for a bowling alley or a bowling center is increasing Hobby athletes who want to enjoy a nice evening come into question. The bowling or bowling does not have to be the only focus, the additional offer is of great importance for a successful business alignment.

Interim conclusion: strategic deductions

In order to be able to successfully become self-employed with a bowling alley in view of these developments, What is needed is a refreshing concept that specifically addresses young people (e.g. in a student city as a location!). Anyone who intends to run a bowling alley somewhere in the basement of a pub will run into problems in the long term. In any case, the concept, including the marketing strategy, must succeed to revive the dusty image with positive elements. Digitization and technical possibilities in particular offer numerous opportunities to turn bowling into a highlight. When it comes to the attractiveness or the uniqueness of the business concept, not only potential customers but also investors to be won are to be considered. Because for the establishment of a bowling alley or possibly a new bowling center, large sums of money come together, which make a sound financing strategy necessary.

The concept must match the location and target group!

In general, it should be considered whether the focus should only be on bowling or bowling. A combination is also attractive in the case of suitable rooms, so that customers can use different options. It should also be considered to what extent the needs of professional bowlers or bowling fans should be strategically addressed. If you want to focus more on the hobby area, you have to create an appealing environment. An inviting gastronomic concept and modern entertainment options can and should also contribute to a successful experience away from the railways. In this respect, the focus could also be placed on team events or company celebrations, whereby the opportunities of the location must be carefully explored.

Location analysis and premises

Once the concept is in place, suitable rooms of an appropriate size are required. Because it just needs a certain size for the tracks and to create sufficient freedom of movement. Seats are usually staggered, so a large hall is ideal. However, the acoustics should be checked as a central feel-good factor. It is in the nature of things that it gets louder. However, nice conversations should be possible during and after the game. A good location should be easily accessible by car and public transport.

Draw up a business plan & secure funding

in the Business plan for a bowling alley the concept and its potential must be convincingly summed up. In this regard, the planning of the restaurant business must also take on very specific features: Which foods and drinks should customers be able to enjoy? Which entertainment highlights (music, special competitions, etc.) should be used to ensure a pleasant break on and off the train?The planning of the 'side business' is economically central in order to put the business idea on a broad income basis!

Ultimately, the business idea can be designed in such a way that the catering industry makes at least as much a contribution to sales as the rent for a train. If you want to open a bowling alley or an entire center, you will not be able to live from the mere temporary rental for lanes. Because customers will not accept prices that are too high for railways. In general, it is an advantage that several players always rent a lane. The sometimes high costs remain affordable for each individual.

Design concept and professional construction planning

Not only the arrangement of the lanes, but the entire design should be planned in detail. A logo can become a central recognition value from the outside and also in internet marketing. After all, the first impression decides whether customers feel comfortable. When planning, it must be checked which structural measures are required and which applications are to be submitted early. The interior construction is a complex challenge in which different trades have to cooperate. Hence a holistic project management certainly indispensable in order to be able to adhere to the planned starting point. This is a very important goal from an economic point of view, because every day without opening and customers costs a lot of money instead of flushing revenue into the coffers. In order to use professional quality, cooperation with experienced companies for the construction of skittle and bowling alleys is essential.

Use the expertise of specialist companies for bowling alley construction!

Especially start-ups who are inexperienced in this technical matter should use the offer of specialized companies for the (installation) of skittles and / or bowling alleys. In this way, planning can be based on a sound and, above all, tried and tested basis right from the start. Thanks to the experience and network of such companies, the plan of opening a bowling center can be implemented in a relatively tight timeframe. It should be checked which customization options can be used to give your own business idea the predicate “unique” in many ways. Business start-ups who do a little research on the possibilities or companies on the Internet will quickly find professional providers. With full-service concepts, the planning can quickly pick up speed and even after the opening, operators of skittle alleys can rely on a reliable service (e.g. in relation to repair work or the procurement of spare parts). By making use of financing services, the pressure is relieved of having to process everything with a classic bank loan. Modern forms of financing such as auxmoney as an example should also be consistently examined in order to be able to use all possible financial resources.

Marketing: How do you win customers for a skittle alley?

Winning customers for a skittle alley / bowling alley means, in view of the initial situation outlined, that they should return to this sport move. This can only be achieved with a coherent concept, an excellent location and first-class premises. Outdoor advertising must indicate the possibility that a professional offer for skittles and / or bowling can be used here. If the premises are on a busy street, there are many customer contacts every day.

Show presence and activate customers!

In order to be able to win customers, they first have to be able to find out about the new offer. In this respect, a search engine optimized homepage is mandatory in order to be findable and to be able to provide a first virtual look at the fun of the game. Ideally, interested parties immediately have the opportunity to make a binding booking of railways and any additional offers. As far as the strategic alignment of the keywords is concerned, the focus should not only be on skittles / bowling. It is important to consider what potential customers who are interested in a bowling alley or bowling might be looking for. Think about Christmas parties, events, birthdays, anniversaries or gifts. Why not give someone a visit to the bowling center for free and bring more momentum to everyday life? Bowling could also be an entertaining meeting place for class reunions.

Activities on social media channels should give a lively impression and ideally arouse the desire to sink all nine (or 10 pins). Thanks to digital entertainment options (e.g. apps to track the score from a distance), this traditional sport can arrive in the modern age and specifically address the younger target group.

When marketing, the focus should be on attractive added value and the experience and play atmosphere. The climate can be taken literally. In hot summer months, air-conditioned rooms (and possibly also an existing outdoor area) can ensure that one or the other can move away from the comfortable couch.

Requirements to operate a bowling alley / skittle alley

Before business operations can begin, a Register business. In some municipalities / cities, it is already an option to be able to register a business online. Whether the trade is subject to a permit or which evidence is required to obtain the trade license depends on the respective concept. In this respect, it must be clarified at an early stage which evidence entrepreneurs have to provide for this business idea. As soon as a catering establishment is integrated, a license must be obtained, the provisions of the Catering Act must be observed. If fresh food is processed, knowledge of the hygiene regulations must be proven and the premises must comply with official rules. Founders themselves must be able to present an impeccable health certificate.

Anyone planning to bring in slot machines or other entertainment options (video games, etc.) must strictly observe the respective legal framework. One should think, for example, of the regulations relating to all aspects of gambling and the strict protection of minors. The possibilities of the legal opening times are to be explored in the respective federal state for the specific business idea.

Earning with your own skittle alley / bowling alley?

A look at the financial section of the business plan should be able to answer the question 'How much do you earn with a bowling alley' quickly and, above all, convincingly (i.e. realistically!). In order to make the earnings with a bowling alley as high as possible, two key aspects are particularly important:

  1. The lowest possible cost burden

  2. A high occupancy rate or a consistently high income base

Too high a cost burden has the disadvantage of having a very negative or even lossy effect in times of low demand. Furthermore, with an immense cost burden, it is more difficult to make significant profits from the sales. Ultimately, it is not very useful to specify a reference value for the earning potential with a bowling alley. This is simply because concepts can be very different. While the actual profit with the skittle / bowling alleys does not have to be that high, the income from the other (gastronomic) offer can under certain circumstances allow much higher profit margins.

Summary for the business idea 'start your own business with a skittle alley / bowling alley'

  1. Numbers, developments and statements from associations show that the Germans are increasingly pushing a “calm ball” and that bowling in particular has clearly lost its popularity. Bowling associations have lost massive numbers of members in the last 20 years, so that the offer of this business idea is more likely to appeal to the hobby and leisure sector.

  2. With advice and technical and structural support from specialist companies in this area, start-ups can use more potential from the start than would be the case on their own (especially without significant experience).

  3. When it comes to marketing, the advantages of the concept are to be consistently and above all in the focus of attention.

  4. By including digital entertainment technology, the dusty image can be a thing of the past and especially the young target group can be lured back to the skittle alley.

  5. Open a skittle alley: Before starting business operations, you must register a business. Possible authorization and verification obligations are to be found out. The intended range of services is decisive.