Are indie films better than Hollywood films

Hollywood: The new Mughals of Hollywood

There have always been solvent outsiders in Hollywood. But the new generation of financiers differs considerably from their role models in one point: They usually want to be involved in every aspect of filmmaking. "We do this out of love for the cinema and not because of the prospect of bubbling profits," says David Sacks, who financed the film "Thank You for Smoking". The 33-year-old came to Hollywood three years ago after he and his co-founders sold their Internet billing company PayPal to Ebay for $ 1.5 billion. He quickly found a script that interested him: "Thank You for Smoking", a political satire based on the novel by Christopher Buckley. "He believed deeply in this film and pursued the project with the same intensity that he had already demonstrated when building PayPal," says Jason Reitman, screenwriter and director of the film. Sacks provided $ 4.2 million; he borrowed another 3.3 million from the banks. He negotiated with the unions, directed production and even interfered in casting the roles. Shortly after completion, Fox Searchlight acquired the film rights for nearly seven million dollars. Thanks to international sales revenue of two million dollars, he is already in the black, says Sacks. A lightning career as it is probably only possible in Hollywood: The industry bible “Variety” recently counted Sacks among the ten producers “from whom more will be heard in the future”. In the meantime, the Internet croesus is already completely absorbed in his new home - he has just moved into an apartment in the house in which director Quentin Tarantino shot parts of his film “Pulp Fiction”.