What's the best sequel to the Pixar movie

The best Pixar films - our ranking from good to bad

It's a shame that "The Great Crawling" sits so far back, I thought the film was great, but I didn't see it until 10 years later, when I sold out a video store in the neighboring village with a bunch of other films for my VCR! Oh video stores, those were the days! Browsing around for hours and talking about films with the people who were browsing with them! Somehow a kind of "real-life forum"

Toy story

Fortunately not the last, the film was just too good for that, even if the animations have aged a lot.

I feel more like this nice gentleman mentioned in his video:

I like part 2 best!

"Finding Dory" would have deserved a place further up front, mMn almost as good as "Finding Nemo"!

the black "dead-fish-in-the-bucket-joke" burned itself into my brain!

"Monster AG" was great too! As an old Swabian, I immediately took the Yeti to my heart! ^^

"Do you want some ice cream?"