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What is behind the myth of the perfect porn pussy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a committee of American gynecologists and obstetricians, published new guidelines for counseling about labia surgery in May 2016. The revised guidelines were not by chance: According to statistics, the trend of labioplasty is steadily increasing; In 2015, as many as 400 minors went under the knife for this in the USA.
The news was immediately discussed in the American media. As was to be expected, the question arose again and again, where this trend, especially among teenagers, came from. A villain was quickly found: the porn industry. Christina Cauterucci wrote in Slate Magazine that young, more impressive women are increasingly viewing the labia from porn films as the norm, but that they “have often already been operated on anyway and are particularly suitable for films because of their smooth, monochrome surface”.
I have only one problem with this argument: it is not true. As a former Fleshbot editor, I've been into mainstream porn for over seven years and have seen countless films as part of that job as well. And if there is one thing that I can say from experience and with great certainty, it is that there is no such thing as “the one perfect porn pussy”. On the contrary, actually. Especially in porn films you will find a whole host of different vagines, labia and clitoris.
If you don't want to believe that without first speaking to experts, I once asked those who should know best - porn actresses themselves. In the following slides you will find the answers of five renowned porn stars who answer everything from Requirements for casting up to the supposedly perfect porn pussy.

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