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Easy Drum Kit Songs: A Guide for Drumming Beginners

Even simple drum songs will make you sound like a star at the next house party. Even as a beginner you have enough choice of great hits that have simple drum beats. Playing the drum songs will be fun and make your drum sticks glow. If you want to learn drums you are in the right place. We have a selection of 10 easy drum kit songs for you!

From Malik Seidu

Content: Simple drum songs

Beginner drum songs

As a beginner you naturally play beginner drum songs that are not that complex and difficult. Of course, your most popular and well-known drum songs will not be among them. Nevertheless, you can have great fun even with beginner drum songs. Above all, you will perfect the basics and learn to play the drums properly. With your beginner drums and the right drum music to play along with, you will quickly achieve success.

As a drumming beginner, not every drum song will be tailored for you. Therefore, you need to know which songs are easy to play so that you can dig your way around slowly.

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Which are the right beginner drum songs?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right drum kit for you as a beginner.

First, you should look for beginner drum songs that have a consistent drum beat and few extras. That way you can focus on what's important about the drum song.

Second, start with a drum song that is neither too slow nor too fast. Drum songs below 60 beats per minute may be a little boring, yet these drum songs often have a lot to offer that drummers can achieve.

On the flip side, don't choose a drum kit that is over 130 beats per minute. It can be really hard to keep up with the beat. However, you don't have to do this trip alone.

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Top 10 best beginner drum songs

Listen to simple drum beats and practice diligently, then you will be able to play songs without drum notes and rock simple drum beats in no time!

Sugar - Maroon 5

This 2014 song has one of the best drum beats out there. As one of the best drum songs to learn, it has a constant beat that focuses on the kick drum, snare and high hat. The groove of this song allows beginners to focus on the necessities of drumming while having fun doing it. This 4/4 signature song runs between 110-129 beats per minute (BPM). For beginners, you can slow down or speed up the song to improve your skills. There isn't much of a need for fills on this song, so don't worry about all the subtleties. With this video you have to follow the drummer as it is not really a tutorial. Instead, you can follow the drummer and imitate the same movements.

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" is one of the man's most famous songs. Jellynote's tutorial is a good guide on how to play the main groove and the pre-chorus part. The instructor even goes into great detail on how to play the high hat to match this song. 16th notes are some of the most common notes played on the high hat, while you'll see more semitones and full notes on the snare and bass drum. At 118 BPM, this 4/4 signature song has a similar tempo as the song "Sugar". If you're looking for more drum songs, check out Jellynote's stash of over 400,000 songs. There will definitely be something that will get you noticed when looking for something new. Still, if you master this song, even Michael Jackson would be proud.

Closer - chainsmokers

Great drum songs need "Closer" to join the party. This Chainsmokers song is a favorite among drummers today. As a drumming beginner, some of the hardest things to understand are how to keep the rhythm and how to properly match the sounds with the original recording. The nice thing about this song is that you use snap fingers and handclips to add different rhythmic ideas. With eighth notes on the high hat, the drums will sound great when you mix a cute snare part at the heart of the song. The tutorial from the YouTube channel LearnSomeDrums is a great place to visit other drum tutorials as well.

Perfect - Ed Sheeran

If you're looking for one of the most popular drum songs out there today, this Ed Sheeran song is the place for you. This drum cover is actually played by a little boy named Noah. Some of the techniques you need to implement are rim shots, double bass hits, and solid high hat work. This video is one that doesn't provide a tutorial in and of itself, but you can mimic the same beats. One of the great things about this video is that you don't need a huge set for this cover to work. Even a small set is enough if you reach for perfection.

One Call Away - Charlie Puth

Awesome drum kit songs may be hard to come by, but not with this Charlie Puth song. If you are a fan of syncopation and fun rhythms then this song is for you. Notice in this video that the drummer takes an open stance when playing the hi-hat instead of stepping over. This is a decision that you too can make, depending on how you are most comfortable. As a well-rounded drum song, you can keep the rhythm while driving as well as the high hat to vary your beats.

Highway to Hell - AC / DC

Famous drum kit songs are the best to play, aren't they? This one is no different. Watch and learn how this drummer shows you how to rock an AC / DC. There's a lot of high hat work with minimal fills and some cymbal work. Try it out and work this song out precisely.

Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N 'Roses

Cool drum songs really can't be compared with this beat. This video is almost perfect for you, as Margott1’s YouTube Channel will teach you her third song on drums with “Sweet Child O‘ Mine ”. This song has a little more syncope so it might be a challenge for new beginners. However, most should be able to edit this song without any problem. There are some great pelvic crashes that really get this song going. Get ready for some well-timed stitches and awesome tom fills.

Cabin down below - Tom Petty

Funny drum songs may be rare, but not with “Cabin Down Below”. This is an excellent beginner song as it only takes one drum beat and one fill throughout the song. There are quarter notes on the kick drum and the snare. The high hat has a continuous pattern of eighth notes to fill the sound. One of the challenges might be raising the hi-hat to the & from 4 in 4/4 time signature.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Easy drum kit songs are hard to come by when Green Day is on sale. However, this version is perfect for drummers closer to the trap. Watch Koppernickel lead you through this amazing song. There are no lessons in this video, but this is a great disguise for you to play like you are the drummer for Green Day. Although this drummer has a variety of cymbals, it only takes a few cymbals to make this song phenomenal. Some of the fills and instrumental sections of this song will make any drummer happy after rocking it. In the end, this song may be the bunch's biggest challenge, but even beginner drums can handle it with a little more practice.

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Easy drum kit songs for beginners must have “Radioactive” on the list. This drums beginners song moves away from the typical drum beats and allows beginners to add more tombeats to their repertoire. The drum cover published by Bwiz-Verlag shows a lot of energy and tension. There is something about drumming that exemplifies passion and joy. So while you're playing this song, let yourself be pumped. If you're not excited and sweating when you've finished this song, you're doing it wrong.

Conclusion - drum songs for drum beginners

These are the best and easiest drum cover songs to learn as a drumming beginner, and you'll be up and running in no time. Of course, in the end, practice is what you need to focus on. If you have trouble with a rhythm or beat, slow it down and turn the music off.

At the end of the day, remember that the drummer's main goal is to keep the beat for the rest of the band. If you slow down, the band will follow you. If you accelerate, the band will follow you, so keep to the beat to keep the band in check.

Practice makes perfect, so spend the necessary time playing along with our drum kit music. Then you will see that hard work pays off. With so many drum songs to master, you have a lot ahead of you, so get to work. There's nothing like the experience of silencing a drum kit.

Good luck and have fun!