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She knows about you: The shock end of the Netflix series explained - what a twist!


The new Netflix series "She Knows About You" shocks viewers with an incredible ending twist! Read the explanation of the end of shock on Netzwelt!

The new psychological thriller series "She Knows About You" blows Netflix viewers with a shocking ending twist that should stay in the memory for a long time! The psychological horror initially mutates into a supernatural fantasy series before the main characters are literally exchanged - as you will find out in the following explanatory text about "She knows about you"!

Warning: The following text contains massive spoilers for the plot and the end of "She Knows About You" on Netflix!

The thriller series "She knows about you", which only appeared on Netflix in February 2021, kept viewers in suspense right from the start, when a love triangle developed between the couple Adele (Eve Hewson) and David (Tom Bateman) and his secretary Louise (Simona Brown ) spins.

The inscrutable Adele's past also seems to be hiding a dark secret, and either Adele or her husband David could have killed Adele's psychiatric friend Rob (Robert Aramayo). Furthermore, David may have started the fire, which Adele's parents fell victim to.

First of all, the 1st big twist of Netflix's "She Knows About You" is that all these questions and mysteries are not the core of the series at all! An even darker secret awaits viewers at the end of season 1!

In truth, the psychiatric patient and drug addict Rob stole Adele's body using an astral projection, killed her and since then has been married to David, from which he increasingly wanted to flee and break out! But first things first ...

  1. The astral projection explained
  2. Why didn't David leave Adele?
  3. Why did Rob kill Adele?
  4. When did Rob-as-Adele plan to kill Louise?
  5. The final body swap explains: This is how Rob-als-Adele steals Louise's body

The astral projection explained

In flashbacks, viewers of "She Knows About You" see Rob and Adele dressed in white in the psychiatric ward. Both cannot sleep. Adele teaches Rob "lucid dreaming", the ability to control and control one's own dreams.

A further increase of this is the astral projection: The dreaming can travel to the real world and observe - as a floating spirit, which is represented in "She knows about you" by colored spots of color.

After his release from psychiatric hospital, the homosexual Rob, who comes from a poor background, visits the extremely wealthy Adele on her luxurious estate in Scotland and also meets her attractive friend David. Rob explains bluntly to Adele that he envies her and wants to lead her life.

The two go on an astral projection at the same time, with Rob having previously administered heroin. He "steals" or occupies Adele's body, and she goes into his. But since Adele is completely paralyzed by the heroin, Rob can kill her (in his body!)! He throws the corpse into the deep well on Adele's estate!

From now on Rob lives in Adele's body, lives in luxury and has a relationship with David that makes him happy!

The short-haired Adele from "She Knows About You" is really Rob for the entire time of the Netflix series! Only in the flashbacks from psychiatry do viewers really see Adele!

Why didn't David leave Adele?

Rob's plan could only work because she convinced David to cover up the death of "Rob" (Adele's soul in Rob's body). David agreed to the cover-up because he was known to the police himself: He was suspected of having started the fire that killed Adele's parents.

In addition, "Adele" threw David's watch with "Rob's" corpse into the well. This evidence would have made David look bad to the police. That explains David's strange behavior in his relationship with "Adele", which viewers of "She Knows About You" see at the beginning of the series.

The controlling David, however, has no idea who he is really dealing with at this time. Until the end of "She knows about you" the psychiatrist suspects nothing of the body swap by means of astral projection.

Why did Rob kill Adele?

Rob envied Adele - her wealth and her friend David. The junkie comes from a poor background, is addicted to heroin, and wants to continue using the drug, as he explains in "She Knows About You".

During the visit to Adele's luxurious estate, Rob also meets David and explains to Adele: "He is perfect."

With Adele's murder combined with the body swap, Rob-as-Adele can now enjoy all of that - the wealth and the perfect husband. That is why "Adele" fights so doggedly for the continuation of the marriage with David - although he is clearly deeply unhappy.

When did Rob-as-Adele plan to kill Louise?

Very early! "Adele" visited his office with David (this is the scene in which Louise sees "Adele" for the first time and learns that David, whom she kissed in front of a bar, is her new boss).

From then on, "Adele" can spy in David's office using astral projection. She learns about the kiss, and about the school from Adam (Tyler Howitt), the son of Louise. In front of school, Rob-als-Adele "happens to" meet Louise. The two become friends and "Adele" takes a look at Louise's apartment.

So she can later observe the affair of David and his secretary, because by means of astral projection you can only visit places where you have already been!

Now "Adele" becomes clear: Her husband David desires Louise - while he no longer desires his wife. In Rob, the plan matures to steal Louise's body and impersonate Louise - as before as Adele!

Louise also suffers from insomnia and to prepare for her plan, "Adele" gives Rob's dream diary to her new friend. Rob-als-Adele first introduces Louise to "lucid dreaming" and then to astral projection.

It is noticeable here that Rob-als-Adele is always pursuing the plan to hijack Louise's body. The last pages of Rob's dream diary have been torn out, as this was where Rob's plan was formulated to steal Adele's body.

The final body swap explains: This is how Rob-als-Adele steals Louise's body

At the very end of "She knows about you", Rob-als-Adele steals Louise's body - and proceeds in a similar way to what happened in the case of Adele: She fakes her suicide, the worried Louise rushes to the rescue and can open the front door however do not open.

"Adele" started a fire and injected herself with heroin. Desperate, Louise travels into the house by means of astral projection, but Rob's floating spirit hijacks her body. Louise only remains to occupy Adele's body. But like the real Adele before, Louise, who is not used to heroin, cannot move!

Rob-als-Louise injects Louise-als-Adele with a fatal overdose - and waits for the rescue workers. David and Louise later get married - and only Louise's son Adam seems a bit strange about his mother. What a dreadful, gripping, captivating ending!

The official British Netflix YouTube channel has also produced a 7-minute explanatory video for "She knows about you" (or in the original "Behind Her Eyes"), which of course we do not want to withhold from you. Here is the English clip:

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