What are the different types of acorns


The oak belongs to the deciduous trees. In Austria is there four native species - the sessile oak, the common oak, the turkey and the downy oak. The red oak, which originally comes from North America, also occurs here. Worldwide there are even up to 600 various Oak species.

Oak trees are mostly deciduous trees. That means they only have green leaves in the warm half of the year. They throw them off in winter. However, it is typical for oaks that they never shed all of the leaves. Brown discolored leaves always stick to the tree over the winter.

Its fruit - the Acorn - is one of the in the broadest sense Nuts. The fruit of the oak was of great importance to those in the past Pig farming. The pigs were mainly fed with these nuts fed. For us, however, these fruits are inedible.

The individual types of oak can be distinguished mainly by their leaves and fruits. The two species that are best known and also most common in Central Europe are the English oak and the Sessile oak.

Did you already know, that ...

  • Oak trees can live up to 1,000 years? In Austria, too, you can admire a supposedly 1,000-year-old oak in Bad Blumau.
  • up to 1,000 different insect species live in the crown of oaks? This is another reason why oaks are of great value for nature conservation.
  • there are so-called fattening years in which our oaks bear a particularly large amount of fruit, i.e. acorns?


The Sessile oak and the English oak almost come in all of Central Europe in front.

These trees grow both in the plains and in the mountains. In the Alps, the two species can be found up to around 1,000 meters above sea level.

Prefer both sessile oak and English oak dry to deep stone and clay soils. Even floors that low in nutrients are not a problem for the two trees.

One reason for the widespread use of the sessile and English oak is possibly that they used to be used for the Shipbuilding were of great importance and were therefore planted in large numbers.

Previous use as Forage plant should be another reason.


The oak, like all other deciduous trees, consists of the root, the tribe and the Crown.

Both the sessile oak and the pedunculate oak reach a height of 20 to a maximum of 30 meters. However, this height is measured without roots.

The English oak can grow up to 700 years to become old. The sessile oak even reaches an age of 1,000 years!

The tribe of both species is in its youth smooth and has an easy one shiny gray-greenish Colour. As the trees get older, one forms deep, longitudinally fissured, gray-brown bark.

The treetop of these trees is very large, loose and relatively evenly leafy. This means that the leaves are evenly distributed.

The leaves of the English oak and the sessile oak are indented and rounded. You will be around 10 to 15 inches long and are deep green and glittering.

The buds of the oak are dull and ovoid. The leaves and flowers develop from them in spring.

The acorns

The fruits of the oaks ripen from about September to October.

In the pedunculate oak they sit in groups of three up to five at up to 4 centimeters long stems. Hence the tree got its name.

In the sessile oak, the acorns are closed Heaped grapes together. The sessile oak also owes its name to the arrangement of its fruits.

The acorns are used by many animals as food in return for the distribution of the seeds worry. Especially the one jay, who stores the nuts, contributes significantly to the spread of these plants.


The main use of oaks was earlier in the Pig fattening seen since the Acorns for the pigs, but also for Wildlife, are very nutritious. The acorn is not edible for humans!

Another possible use was in the use of the wood, especially for the Shipbuilding recognized. In addition, the bark of oaks like to Tanning used by leather.

Today mainly finds that Wood the oak use - in Hydraulic engineering, as Lumber and for Masts. But also Stairs and Floors are made from this wood. In the Furniture industry the high-quality oak wood is mainly used for Veneer production used. Wooden barrels made of oak are also used in viticulture.


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