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German Studies (Bachelor)

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So far, I'm still studying, but later I'd like to work in a publishing house or in the newspaper, possibly in a library or as an author. The job offers are moderate, but because of that you have to do a lot of internships to see if that's something for you. Here, too, it is difficult to find something because the number of applicants is high.
Since many study German studies, it is worth doing a master’s degree, because the bachelor’s degree hardly brings anything. There is of course the risk of being overqualified, but with the master’s degree you get more offers than with the bachelor’s degree, as there are far too many German students.
Unfortunately, I also have to admit that the job offer is incredibly low and that it is not uncommon for students in the field to be unemployed. Those who have not studied to become a teacher have more difficulties, but unfortunately even the lack of teachers does not affect Germanists, otherwise one would be able to strive for a secure job.
You have to really enjoy your studies and be willing to read a lot and deal with dry topics (tons of theories and the chores are sometimes tough, some readings are ancient and terribly boring in terms of subject matter), but if you like languages ​​and really likes to read, this course is very interesting.
Of course, the whole thing is not recommended for those who don't like reading!
The fact that many priorities run in parallel means reading a lot and working under pressure, as the reading material is very extensive. If you can't do that, you should think twice. Otherwise, I would really recommend looking around for a university that has extensive offers. The KIT in Karlsruhe has unfortunately only caught a small section in German studies and thus the offer is available, but very limited. Heidelberg, on the other hand, is more broadly positioned and has better qualities for German studies.
  • great lecturers, few people in the seminars (the higher you get), flexible offers regarding study performance, quick e-mail contact, simple consultation hours
  • few offers in the field of seminars, constant change of lecturers, technically a disaster (nothing never works), library has few specialist books for Germanists and is constantly overcrowded

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