What are the most thought provoking movies

7 outstanding films that give me food for thought

I didn't pick the number “seven” just like that. “Seven” is my favorite number. That's why I have listed exactly 7 films that I find and love beautiful, that fascinate and make me think every time. Here is my favorite movie list:

1. "Léon - The Professional" (1994)

"Léon - Der Profi" is a large, profound, sometimes brutal and at the same time highly sensitive French-American film that combines many genre elements: The film is a mixture of drama and love, tragedy and comedy, action and crime, coming -Of-age movie with thriller elements. The music is also partly mesmerizing and perfectly matched to the film scenes.

The story of "Leon" is about Jean Reno, a professional hit man with a good heart, who goes through life lonely, needs "no women, no children" and was taught nothing but killing, and Natalie Portman as twelve year old Mathilda who Already at a young age she had a hard childhood, the violent world full of drugs and weapons and death, played so incredibly perfectly that I hold my breath in tension every time, even after watching it several times.

Mathilda, who feels full of revenge after the murder of her family, is taught killing techniques by Léon. In return, the illiterate Léon learns to read and write from her. The relationship between the two develops over the course of the film and becomes something bigger, deeper, something very special, special, strange and yet somehow innocent.

“Léon - The Professional” leaves deep traces and triggers almost every laugh and tears at the same time. The film should not be missing in any private film collection!

Did you know that?

The cinematic relationship between Léon and Matilda comes from the real relationship between Luc Besson, the future director of the film, and his girlfriend at the time, the actress Maïwenn Le Besco. When they first met, Besson was 29, while Maïwenn was just 12. Over the years, Le Besco fell in love with Besson.

2. "Pretty much best friends" (2011)

Another incredibly beautiful French film gem based on a true story is “Pretty Best Friends”. The film was a huge success and received very good reviews. “Pretty Best Friends” is a story full of humor and warmth, accompanied by pain and suffering. It is a perfect mix of drama, comedy and biography. The story of true friendship is incredibly authentic and has so much moving about it. The characters are very personable and wonderfully suitable for the roles! There are several piano songs in the film, which are just beautiful and let the audience melt away.

It is not difficult to understand the content of the film. It is much more difficult to really perceive the unpleasant and painful, to interpret it correctly and to process it into positive insights. Both main actors, each with their own personal drama (Philippe is rich but physically handicapped, doesn't want pity - Driss is healthy but socially incompetent), build a deep friendship despite the big differences. Over time, they learn a lot from each other and develop a mutual understanding. Despite many negatives in life, they have a lot to give to the other.

The film is encouraging and shows that despite all adversities one should never lose the joy of life. The film also encourages thinking about how to treat people with a disability. “Pretty best friends” touches and occupies its viewers even years later. I'm curious and waiting to see when the French bring out another beautiful and touching film!

Did you know that?

In 2012, Omar Sy was awarded the César for his outstanding performance as "Driss" in the film "Pretty Best Friends".

3. "Knockin 'on heaven's door" (1997)

“Knockin‘ on heaven‘s door ”is breathtaking and my absolute favorite film. The film is one of the best films that the German film industry has ever made. “Knockin‘ on heaven doors door ”is a kind of road movie which, in addition to the more serious scenes, also contains a lot of funny moments. In addition, the film has a lot of action, gags and a good ladle of emotions to offer. The actors play their roles very well and very convincingly!

The film is about two terminally ill men who want to really accelerate again shortly before dying and decide to go to the sea because Rudi has never been to the sea:

"- I have never been to the ocean.
- You've never been to the ocean? Then, you'd better run. You're running out of time. In heaven that's all they talk about. The ocean and the sunset. How fuckin 'wonderful it is, to watch that big ball of fire melt into the ocean - and the only light that is left like a candle it's only inside .. "

What I particularly like about the film is its message: Even in such a situation, shortly before the end, you can have a choice: Either you just let the rest of the time pass or you enjoy it to the full! Such messages are not only in the ear, but stay in the head and heart.

Did you know that?

The film director of the film "Knockin‘ on heaven doors door ", Thomas Jahn, used to work as a taxi driver. When Till Schweiger got into his taxi one day, Thomas told him about the script he had written. Till liked the idea of ​​this script so much that he really wanted to implement it. So Thomas Jahn got the chance to become a director.

4. "The pursuit of happiness" (2006)

The Pursuit of Happiness is a beautiful and warm-hearted tragic comedy that is also based on a true story. In “The Pursuit of Happiness”, Will Smith shows as the main actor the further development of his character towards a certain maturity. It's not a classic Will Smith movie. The focus of the film is the single father who fights for his dream of a good life for himself and his son. From homeless to multimillionaire!

Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is not only a great father to his son, but also a strong, fully motivated man. After his wife leaves his son and him, he and his boy have to fight for survival. Even as a black man with no education and no money on the streets of San Francisco, Chris has not given up his hopes and dreams. Despite all the difficulties and failures, he continued to pursue and achieve his goals for a well-paying job and a better lifestyle.

Everything he has experienced and achieved with his 5 year old son is deeply emotional and really impressive. This father-son story is worth seeing and, despite the tough experience, in no way has a negative effect. The film has a strong, positive deepening with this beautiful message ready for its viewers: Never give up, no matter what happens and how often you fall! Never degenerate into self-pity, even if the chances seem very slim! Keep calm, believe in yourself and continue to build motivation and patience despite problems and unhappiness. Because there is always a way!

Did you know that?

Thanks to the film "The Pursuit of Happiness" Will Smith was nominated for the Oscar for the second time!

5. "The Discovery of Infinity" (2014)

“The Discovery of Infinity” is a fantastic and touching film about life itself and shows us what power love can play in it. The film scenario is based on Jane Hawking's memoir "Love Has Eleven Dimensions: My Life With Stephen Hawking", Stephen Hawking's first wife. However, the film not only describes the life of the brilliant physicist, his research work and his physical decline, but also the real love between him and his wife Jane, who stood by his side for many years. This mixture of facts and magical love makes the film really entertaining and by no means dry or boring.

Stephen was a highly intelligent physics student who graduated from Cambridge University. He met the humanities scholar Jane at a party and fell in love with her. Over time, they got closer and closer. But soon thereafter the diagnosis "ALS" follows, according to the doctors, there are only two years left to live. Despite the diagnosis and the expected problems and difficulties, Jane stayed with him and stood by him. A well-known saying comes to mind that goes with this life story: "Behind every successful man there is a woman who supports him."

Eddie Redmayne's acting as Stephan Hawking is very impressive. He plays Stephen Hawking so well that you can really get into the story very quickly. He later received an Oscar for his great performance. The beautiful Felicity Jones also plays Jane's role so convincingly that you can totally empathize with her feelings.

Did you know that?

I find it interesting that Stephen Hawking wrote not only complex academic books for adults but also children's books. He and his daughter Catherine Lucy Hawking published three children's books from the “Universe” series: “The Secret Key to the Universe”, “The Unbelievable Journey into the Universe” and “Back to the Big Bang. The great conspiracy "

6. "Green Book - A Special Friendship" (2018)

Another road movie on my list - "Green Book - A special friendship", which has also reached an emotional depth for me. The film is touching, extremely entertaining and very thought-provoking. "Green Book" is based on real experiences that happened while driving in the segregated south and reflects the cruel reality of open, everyday racism and black discrimination of the 1960s in the USA. In this film, the problem was dealt with in exactly the right proportions, without appearing dominant, so that lightness and humorous moments were not neglected.

The story of the film is about the gruff, Italian-American bouncer Tony Vallelonga aka Tony Lip (who also walks through life with racist prejudice) and the very talented, Afro-American pianist and musical genius Don Shirley. These two men, who at first glance are extremely different and totally unsuitable for each other, developed an unusual but loyal friendship between each other on an uncertain tour through the southern states. It was fun to see how they learned in the course of their trip to appreciate each other more and more and to fight their prejudices. The two actors Mortensen and Ali did a very good job.

Where does the title “Green Book” come from? The so-called "Negro Motorist Green Book" of that time accompanies the two of them throughout the entire journey through the southern states, which are characterized by racism. The so-called "Negro Motorist Green Book" lists hotels, restaurants, petrol stations etc. in which black tourists were allowed to stay. It transports the racial segregation of that time and is a real disgrace for the society of that time! The first edition of the "Negro Motorist Green Book" appeared in 1937 and was written by the black postman Victor H. Green.

Did you know that?

Nick Vallelonga, son of the real Tony Lip, helped write the script and acted as producer. His other son, Frank, played the role of Tony Lip's brother - Rudy (Rudolfo) in the film. The real Rudy Vallelonga took on the little role of their grandfather - Nicola.

7. "The wild life" (2007)

Despite a lot of criticism, I love this film and always enjoy watching it. “Das wilde Leben” is an extraordinary film with biography parts about Uschi Obermaier, which aims to encourage “more freedom, more life”.

As a teenager, Uschi Obermaier wanted to conquer the whole world. She tore herself from her conservative family in Munich and over time became a real icon of the 68 movement and Hipp generation. She went her way confidently and has followed this motto the whole time - "Don't dream your life, live your dreams", which authentically represents the attitude towards life of many young people in West Germany at that time.

Thanks to this film, you get a good insight into the circumstances and moods at that time. Of course, “Das Wilde Leben” does not include all the events that took place in Uschi Obermaier's life, but only some of them, because it is by no means possible to show a whole life in full in about 2 hours. Nevertheless, the whole story of the film, even in its short form, seems to be very successful. The music (the song "Summerwine" is so beautiful that you can hear it infinitely often) and the perfect acting performance by Natalia Avelon, who even internalized Obermaier's Bavarian accent, brought the film a lot of success.

“The wild life” has so much urge for freedom and further development and life that one comes to an honest conversation with oneself and to think about the previous life and the real “being free”.

Did you know that?

Uschi Obermaier is not just an ex-photo model or a jewelry designer. She has also played in several films: "Detective", "Film oder Macht", "Die Geschäftsfreunde", "Rote Sonne" etc. After the film producer Carlo Ponti saw the film "Rote Sonne", he invited Obermaier to Rome. Ponti has offered her a role in a film with director Michelangelo Antonioni and a ten-year contract. Uschi has refused the contract.

Of course I would like to hear your opinions now! I'm curious if you have one of these films on your lists too? Or do you have completely different films in mind? I am very much looking forward to your suggestions and opinions!