Which mattress is best for combination sleepers


Back sleeper
While sleeping on your back is the most recommended position as it is the closest thing to the natural posture, you should still place a lumbar pillow on your lower back. This pillow fills the gap between your back and the mattress and supports this region.

Remember that the lumbar spine is where the spine curves inward when you sleep on your back. This is one of the reasons you might wake up with back pain. It is best if you also lift your legs to reduce the weight in your hips and place another pillow under your neck with a space between the pillow and the mattress.

After placing the lumbar pillow and other accessories, make sure that your ears, shoulders, and hips are in line with each other. Using a pillow that is too high for your head can put strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. On the other hand, make sure that your lumbar pillow stays under your lower back all night.

Side thresholds
Another sleeping position that supports the spine is on your side. Some people cannot sleep on their back, e.g. B. Pregnant women or those with respiratory and acid problems. How should you use a lumbar pillow when sleeping on your side?

As with sleeping on your back, you won't notice any support between the area above your hips and the mattress. As a result, your spine bends down, causing stress and discomfort. Place a lumbar pillow in this region to fill in the void, support your back, and use other pillows for your head, neck, shoulders, and legs.

How do you do that? If you sleep on your side, you can benefit from a contour pillow for your head, neck and shoulders. It has the curves to support these parts and relieve pressure. You can also place a pillow between your legs to lower the weight of your hips and promote a neutral spine when you sleep on your side.

Gastric sleeper
Perhaps one of the most discouraged sleeping positions is on your stomach. This is because your neck is twisting too far away from your back, which is unnatural to your spine and neutral posture. However, you can still use a lumbar pillow to aid in a sound sleep.

Use the lumbar pillow under your stomach to keep your spine straight as you bend your lower back when you sleep on your stomach. It's also best if the pillow you are using is flat, similar to the one you use for your head. You can flatten a pillow depending on the material and use the lumbar pillow not for the lumbar spine but for the pelvic area.

What about combination sleepers?
Not everyone stays in one position all night. If you are guilty of sleeping in one position to wake up in another, get the proper lumbar pillow to make sure your lower back is well supported. To complement your various switches, consider using a lumbar strap.

What is a lumbar belt? Think of this as a pillow that wraps your waist above your hips. Because it wraps around you, you can make sure that all sides of your lower back are supported, even as you switch sleeping positions.

Types of lumbar pillows
It's important to experiment with pillows and sleeping positions to avoid back pain. Hence, it is helpful to know the different types of lumbar pillows for sleep. While they can vary in materials, the most important difference between them is their shape.

The most common lumbar pillows are cylindrical because you can easily slide them under the mattress gap and lower back when sleeping on your side or on your back. Another lumbar pillow is triangular in shape to provide support for your back, similar to what happens when you use a lumbar pillow while sitting. And finally, there are lumbar straps that you can wrap around your waist, ideal for sleepers who move around a lot while sleeping.

Do you often wake up with back pain? Perhaps it is time you became familiar with using lumbar pillows to suit your sleeping position. For example, both back and side sleepers can fill the gap between their back and the mattress with a lumbar pillow.

However, if you sleep on your stomach, you must use the lumbar pillow in the pelvic area instead. Following these directions should help keep your spine neutral and relieve pressure on your back. It is best to get the right pillow for your upper and lower body.