What is the saddest unrequited love story

Sad love poems 1

Where there is happiness, there must be unhappiness, and where there is great happiness, as in love, well, there is also the other in great measure. This is supposed to be about the dark side of love: couples who cannot find each other. The reasons for a sad love poem can be very different. Sometimes it's up to the lovers themselves, sometimes there are destructive influences from outside, but it's always sad.


Past, in vain, in love

With a very haunting image, Max Dauthendey recalls a sad love story.

Max Dauthendey works here with half rhymes, called assonances. To pass as assonance, the vowels must be the same, but not the consonants. Therefore, the chain down-song-past still creates a consonance, which in this case has a somewhat irritating effect.


Short but sad

Short and painful at the end is this sad love poem, in which one struggles with an everyday problem: unrequited love.

Georgi Kratochwil born 1979

Who am I?

I wake up thinking of you
I think about you all day
I go to bed, I think of you.
All night long I only dream you
What a shame that I am for you
does not exist.

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#860


Poem about a radiant love

What at first looks like a commercial from the fifties shines brightly in the end into the bitter reality of love

Samira Schogofa born in 1958


You want to see me beaming.
You think I'm beautiful, beaming.
Radiantly rich, I’ll give you the dishes.
I always have to prove brilliantly
that I am worthy of you
Radiance is my purpose in life.
Shining brightly, I show that I'm good
and I hide my black eye.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#1937


When love falls silent

A love poem about the normal course of love, including a modern evening suckle.

Samira Schogofa born 1958

Quiet days

You didn't know anything about it:
How my soul was slowly starving.
You didn't know anything about it:
How my insides healed too.
I didn't just laugh tears of joy.
The grief often imploded.
What happened to all the big plans?
What did we hope for?
We still love each other
and watch TV every night.

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2065


The one question

One should ask oneself the question in this sad love poem, one should better not ask the other. To love also means to forget.

Leo Sternberg 1876-1937

As happy as we were -

As happy as we were, it will come later
a question that makes my heart so heavy:
How was it with the other one?

From the other, who first conceals her love
and then forced to only half tell. -
How was it with the other one?

I don't want to ask her. It torments them so
and I would never be glad of the truth either
how it was with the other.

Yes, if she had faithfully told me everything
I would think: who knows whether something is still missing!
How was it with the other one?

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#1918


Poem about happiness in love

On the one hand it is sad, on the other hand: What more can one ask in love than if a single happiness is double happiness?

Hans-Peter Kraus born 1965

Be happy

I look out onto the terrace.
She is sitting there with her best friend.
She talks, she laughs, she walks through and through
into the lively conversation.
reminds of the tears of the night.

The two don't notice me.
I feel a little like a voyeur of their happiness.
Just as I am about to turn away, she looks over.
Smiles, waves.
I raise my hand in greeting and nod to her friend
and go.

You are happy
without me.
Then it's supposed to be like that.
Anything is better than tears in the night
that I can't stop
as much as I try
as much as I wished
Be happy.
Your luck
is mine too.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2144


Nocturnal sadness

One sleeps, one wakes, that is the theme of this love poem. And when someone wakes up and sees the mask falling in his sleep, then despite all the love he has a reason to ponder.

Guido Zernatto 1903-1943

When you fell asleep in the nights

When you fell asleep in the nights
And your breath quietly goes through the room
I know that you fell asleep lovingly
Because your head is gently turning towards me.

But your traits are not good and pure
Something is clouding your face when you're tired.
And you should be happy and not so tired
As you seem; and not so sad either.

When you fell asleep in the nights
Am I still awake over you for a long time?
And I go every step you took
And I went to check again.

But everything is not clear between humans and us.
And there is so much and we don't say it.
But strange in the nights
It rises and clouds the sleeping face.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2381


Pain and shine

As can be seen from this sad love poem, the real rhyme with pain is not heart, but shine.

Victoria Lubarski-Goldbeck born 1982

Madness, Weber

I weave my pain in your hair.
You record it
The flogging father.
The screaming mother
The nights alone.
The days veiled.
I weave my pain in your hair.
Strand by strand
I drive through
You lie very still.
I weave my pain in your hair
The anger in school
The ugliness in me
Remain in your shine.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2477


Bad start

This sad love poem reveals that the worm was there from the beginning, also in the sparse rhyme scheme.

Samira Schogofa born 1958

Always there

I still remember how it was in the beginning.
Even then he was strange.
Then gradually I realized
in the beginning it was already the end.
That sounds pretty ungrateful.
So much was quite acceptable.
A pain, albeit invisible
was always there.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#1939


Shortly before the end

Love in this poem is in a sad state, the last night seems to have dawned.

Karl Castle 1876-1944

The sun is no longer the sun

The sun is no longer the sun
The air is so heavy like lead
The sun is just a red spot
The sun gets stuck in the fog.

The winds are all getting cold
The winds never stop
And if our looks don't meet
We must go blind forever.

We only have three drops of blood
We only have three sparks of embers left
I want to keep the blood for your mouth
I want to save the embers for your little fingers.

We only have one more night
Then there will be no more mouth that laughs
Then all the stars fell
Then we are the poorest of all.

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#940


Stranger love

The course of things, the wheel of time, something goes unnoticed and love becomes alien:

Monika Ehrenreich born 1983

Time wheels

You have changed
I've changed
The wheels of time
haven't stopped

to turn
and us each other
for each other
from each other



to let

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2165


Poem about a false love

It is not that easy to differentiate between real and fake love, because you would first have to know what love is. It is not to be lonely together, as the following sad love poem shows.

Sabine Höller born 1987


if us
the stars can heal
the silence stops like this
to be loud

when the day
in the end it is finite
is staying
short weightless

when you and me
we are
wins the sum
against us

if we
are common
we play lonely

us and me
but not you
why me
we, we, we, why not

if we
us would be
we would be me

if we
take it seriously
is love better
if it is real

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2291


Sad idea

You just have to imagine the end of a love intensely enough, then it will definitely come and you can write a sad love poem about it. Proof:


In the web of love

To be trapped in the web of love means to be unable to move, which results in a rather sad love story.

Bianca Weißinger born 1999

It's getting stuffy in here

Someday your love has
Pulled strings
and I have myself
caught in it
I hope you understand
when I say
that I feel
not endure like one
Fly in your web
to hang from gold thread
Sometimes when the wind
crackles and the sky
the evening becomes a canvas
I pull on an e-cigarette
because the advertising poster
in front of the window
But the steam can never
break through the noble hard glass door
It's getting stuffy in here
and I'm sorry
if I now die
dig up the most trite phrase
which is my hollywood movie vocabulary
but gives:

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2095


Sad mind game

Too much luck in love is not good for some, so that at least one has to picture his misfortune in his or her mind, as this poem of an imagined separation shows.


Apology poem

Crossing boundaries in a moment of exuberance may be a good idea, but this poem shows that madness is short, remorse is long.


Confession of love

It is actually an admission of love: Man has to learn that not every woman who is young, beautiful and warm can be reached. If man learns that, man has something - won.

Hans-Peter Kraus born 1965


She is young, she is beautiful
her eyes shine,
her smile is warm.

Your picture
on the website
makes my old heart tingle.

Too bad.
Take care.

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-2-123.php#2605

Note:Poems of love and death aim in the same direction as the lyrics on this page.