How do you take part in Inktober

What is inktober? Meaning, definition, explanation

Inktober is aimed at painters and is a modern artistic movement. In October, artists published their work on social media under the hashtag #Inktober.

October began 2009 thanks to an artist who referred to himself as Jake Parker. Jake says on the Inktober website that he started Inktober to challenge himself, improve his coloring skills, and develop positive drawing habits.

Every year more and more artists take part in Inktober. For many artists, Inktober is a simple and amazing concept. It makes art better known and more people are interested in art again.

What is inktober? Participation, meaning, definition, explanation

There is a relatively simple concept behind Inktober. If you are interested in art, you will often see drawing challenges on various social media platforms - Inktober is no different!

  • The idea is to draw something every day for the whole month of October. Continuity is very important to this movement. Try to develop a routine. If you can only manage to make a drawing every other day then that's fine too. Everyone should paint within their own framework.
  • If you're looking for inspiration for drawing, the Inktober website has a handy list of possible subjects or subjects.
  • The drawings should be by hand and in ink, signed in pencil.
  • You must publish your drawings online using the hashtags #Inktober and this year # Inktober2020 so that the community can recognize the reference.

Inktober is an artistic challenge that is becoming increasingly popular in the art world. For many new artists, October is the perfect opportunity to show the general public their skills and talent.

Inktober: What are the rules for Inktober?

The rules for Inktober are to make one drawing in ink every day for all of October and then share it. In order for the community to see the pictures, you should share your created pictures with the hashtag #Inktober 2020 on your social media.
However, some people opt for a more flexible version of the challenge and draw every other day or once a week for the month. You can also follow an alternate version of Inktober where you make a drawing every week for an entire year. The movement continues to grow every year and more and more aspiring artists are interested in this trend.

Inktober's rules are simple:

Create an ink drawing, use a pencil signature and post the picture on social networks using the hashtag. The nice thing about Inktober is that artists from all areas can take part in this trend. It doesn't matter whether you've been painting for two months or are already a seasoned artist.

Why do artists take part in Inktober?

By participating in Inktober, many artists want to develop their skills further during the month. In this way, you will become a better artist little by little. It also helps them think and create outside of their comfort zone. Another is the range of motion. Inktober is known in the art industry. Many newcomers try to use the big stage to attract attention.

Tips for October

  • Use a prompt list:
    It makes sense to have a plan so that you know exactly what to draw every day. Before you start, make a list of 30 short words that will give you an idea of ​​what you can draw. Of course, you can also draw something different. The list is only intended as an aid.
  • Create a schedule:
    The tip from many skilled artists is to plan ahead and keep a solid schedule. Most drawings take anywhere from two to four hours, which is a large part of the working day. The plan ensures that you have a set amount of time each day to draw.
  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself:
    The most important thing about this challenge is that you have fun drawing and painting and that you don't put yourself under too much pressure. It is almost impossible to invest those two to four hours of extra time in new art every day, because besides work you also have a social and family life. Getting everything under one roof requires a precise division of time. It is important that you complete the challenge within your framework, even if you only take a picture every other day.
  • Set realistic goals:
    Innovative and great works of art take time and, realistically, you won't be able to create a masterpiece every day. Be honest with yourself about how much time you can spend drawing each day.
  • Set up your workspace:
    Have your tools ready and prepare your drawing area in advance. You don't want to waste creative time preparing your space and finding the painting tools.
  • Try something new:
    October is the best time for you to experiment, try different ways of painting, and find some changes or additions to your style that will help develop and advance your skills.
  • Adapt the rules individually to your needs and your life:
    If you need up to five days for a drawing, set a goal of six drawings by October. Every artist has to set an individual goal that suits his or her life.
  • Social media interaction:
    On social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you can talk to other people about October and ask for help and advice if you don't know what to do next.

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