What does a peeled lemon look like

Make candied lemon yourself - recipe

The recipe comes from the Tyrolean cookbook "And stir a pahr Vatter Unßer lang" by Edition Raetia.

Tyrolean cookbook: "And stir a few Our Father Long"

Ingredients for candied lemon peel

5-10 untreated thick-fleshed lemons - optionally bitter oranges
70 g of sugar
4 tbsp water

Preparation of candied lemon peel

Peel the peel of the lemons thinly with a very sharp knife. Then cut them into fine, thin threads.

Optionally, this can be simplified with a zest cutter. With our pointed Opinel knife, peeling went really well and the pieces are quickly cut into narrow strips. The shells should remain about 3mm thick.

Now put the strips in boiling water and blanch for about 2 minutes.

Drain, dry briefly.

Boil a syrupy brew from sugar and water.

Put the zest in a saucepan, pour the stock over it - simmer for another 6-8 minutes on a low flame so that the liquid evaporates.

What remains is a jam-syrup-like mass that can be used wonderfully on ice cream, bundt cake or other desserts.

Blanched lemon peel
Bring the lemon peel to the boil
Make candied lemon yourself

Especially for the Christmas season, this is a wonderful ingredient that is very easy to prepare.

Have fun copying!

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