Why is J Hope so underestimated


a few months later:

Namjoon had definitely underestimated such a thing as nervousness. Because now, fifteen minutes before he and Hoseok were supposed to perform the opening of the concert together, he was more nervous than he had been in a long time. He was pacing up and down his dressing room the whole time, mumbling his texts to himself and nervously massaging his temples.

Hoseok sat a few rooms down, waiting for his stylist to finally correct the finishing touches to his make-up so that he could see Namjoon. He was eventually released after she put a few strands of his hair in place and he let her know that he would like to leave.

He ran down the long corridor that led to the adjoining rooms and finally to the stage, met someone on the way who called out to him 'thirteen more minutes' and entered Namjoon's cloakroom without knocking.

He found his friend in the form of a single large bundle of nerves, pacing up and down frantically, muttering to himself. The blond-haired rapper raised his head as Hoseok entered the room and the redhead could literally see what was going on in his head.

"Are you nervous?" He asked gently and stepped up to Namjoon, who only nodded and then continued to take big steps across the room, only to turn around a few seconds later and repeat the same thing in the other direction .
"I'll forget all my texts and I won't be able to move a muscle," he exclaimed desperately. He wanted to run through his blond hair, as he always did when something particularly stressed him, but then in the last one For a second he remembered not being allowed to blemish his hair so shortly before the performance because his stylist wouldn't find that cool at all.

"Oh? Joonie. "Hoseok's voice was soft as velvet and as comforting as a hot milk with honey that you drank when you couldn't sleep or just needed something warm.
"I can't do that, Hobi." He kneaded his fingers, which looked quite painful in Hoseok's eyes, and looked into his eyes desperately. He was still a few meters away from the redhead, who now held out his hands and approached Namjoon . "Calm down, I'm here." He grabbed his hands, held them tightly between his slender fingers, caressed them soothingly.

"You have prepared yourself better than I ever did for one of my gigs, you can read the lyrics in your sleep and you are just cool, so no need to worry, we can do it and we look good and have fun, too, OK? And fun is important, believe me, I know what I'm talking about. "

He was interrupted by someone knocking briefly on the closed door. "Ten more minutes, come slowly to the stage." The figure disappeared just as quickly as it had come and Hoseok turned his gaze back to his friend. "So, have fun, the rest will come by itself, okay?" Namjoon just nodded dazedly and sighed.
"You can do it and now come on, we have to go." He smiled encouragingly at the 25-year-old and he smiled back more or less just as encouragingly. Then Hoseok pulled him out of the cloakroom and down the long corridor.

With every step with which they got closer to their goal, the screams of the waiting fans got louder and now Hoseok began to get a little nervous.

It was his first concert since changing labels and he hoped so much that his fans would enjoy the performance and especially the songs. Normally he wouldn't have worried about it, but now it was different. Now everything was new, jhope was new and above all different and he hoped that his fans would accept and like jhope exactly as they had accepted and liked j-hope.
On the way, the two were equipped with microphones and ear plugs that made sure that they could hear themselves and while the two were wired by the technicians and checked again, the two rappers exchanged reassuring looks, but Hoseok managed it better , as Namjoon.