How much memory do PS5 games require

PS5 storage space: The SSD really is that big

That's how much storage space the PS5 offers.

How much space does the PS5's SSD have for games? After the test embargo for Sony's latest console flagship has fallen, we can finally give you a concrete answer to this question: minus the OS, there are 667.2 GB of storage space left on the internal hard drive of the PS5 for games or media content such as screenshots and videos.

Here the SSD size of the PS5 is broken down again

That's how much storage space the PS5's internal SSD offers.

  • Total memory of the PS5 SSD: 825 GB
  • final storage space: 667.2 GB

Huge OS: Similar to the Xbox Series X, the operating system of the PS5 also takes up around 20 percent of the storage space. On Microsoft's 1TB console, 802 GB is left over for games and the like.

How big are PS5 games?

That varies, of course, here are some games at a glance:

So the next gen titles are not small, the Ultimate Edition by Miles Morales already takes up about 1/6 of the PS5 SSD.

This is how the GamePro community reacted to the leak on SSD size

The actual SSD size was leaked on Reddit in early October, leaving the community divided.

"Not enough space for games!" feared some members of the GamePro community in the comments under our news about the leak:

  • Michael_says: "Well, that means three to a maximum of four games and then the thing is full. Dat is not great! Especially when you consider that the games will probably take up more storage space in the future instead of less many offer an expensive storage upgrade. "
  • ElCoyote: "I always easily play 20, 30 games next to each other, always, I find less than at least 2 TB to be an imposition."
  • SDP: "[....] My multiplayer games alone (because not every one of my friends has every game or the time) take up the total 1tb in number. I have to save the rest on an external 1tb, and there too I'm slowly running out of space .. "

Others don't care about the storage space of the PS5:

  • John Morgan: "I should also be able to cope with the memory, with my basic PS4 and the 500 GB I had almost no problems in the last five years. It would be much more important to me that Sony solves the problem with the update installation on the PS5 which always eats up a lot more memory in the process than the game or the update ultimately need. Those were the only moments when I sometimes ran out. It's just annoying that I have a 45 GB Crash Bandicoot and cannot install the appropriate updates if I have 70 GB of space on the hard drive, only to then see in retrospect that there are now 20+ GB free again. "
  • mietzecaetz: "I can handle it. Always only play one single-player and one multiplayer game. There may be a third game on the record. I will never get it full. [...]"
  • BiBaButzemann: "I don't see any problems with the extensions. Either you manage your memory a bit or you get an external memory option and expand it if necessary. The fact that there is the possibility of expanding the memory so easily is a good thing ! "

How do I add storage to the PS5?

With SSD storage expansions: If you actually run out of space at some point, you have the option of expanding the storage with external SSDs. As Sony has confirmed, however, these additional SSDs will not be available at the launch of the PS5.

The PS5 also supports external USB hard drives. You can only place your PS4 games on it.

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