Why is the water quality monitored

Monitoring water quality

To ensure consistent water quality, many parameters have to be monitored. This is especially true when it comes to drinking water or when it is generally used for human consumption.

In most cases, the parameters to be monitored can be analyzed and controlled in various ways.

Generally, between on-line and off-line analytics differentiate from water samples:

To Process monitoring so-called online analytics is usually used. Here, the water samples accumulating at various points in the process are continuously transported to a central analytical center and evaluated there. This guarantees constant and reliable measured values. Of course, online analysis is not only limited to water production, but is also used, for example, in sewage treatment plants.

Up until now, rather general parameters have been analyzed on-line, such as

  • Ozone content in the water and in the gas phase

  • Redox potential

  • PH value

  • temperature

  • print

More complex and difficult to measure parameters are analyzed using offline analytics. After sampling, the sample is transported to the laboratory and evaluated there with a suitable analysis. It is often necessary to preserve / prepare the sample before transporting the sample. This type of analytics is both costly and labor intensive.