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The article is nonsense

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  1. The article is nonsense

    Author: southy 17.08.20 - 11:58

    The journalist asked suggestively for certain company names and Trump replied exactly as he always replies when he has no bearing what it is actually about: "We're looking at this right now".

    That means exactly NOTHING.
    Most likely, it still means that no one has ever dealt with a ban on the companies mentioned, because if that were the case, Trump would have guaranteed a cascade over the evil, nasty, unfair Chinese.

    "We look and that" is the standard Trump answer for "I have no idea what you are talking about, but we are so busy doing exactly what you mean".

  2. Re: The article is rubbish

    Author: miguele 17.08.20 - 12:20

  3. Re: The article is rubbish

    Author: OmranShilunte 18.08.20 - 03:00

    southy wrote:

    > That means exactly NOTHING.

    you are apparently not quite in the picture about US politics over the past two years.

    Work has been going on since june to throw alibaba out of the stock indexes, and the verbal and legal attacks against tiktok are nothing new either.

    it is therefore quite obvious - regardless of any single interview question - that baidu could soon be affected by repression.

    and these attacks have something to do not only with data protection or protectionism and self-portrayal in the election campaign, but above all with the fact that the Chinese IT stocks on the stock exchanges have recovered three times faster than the American ones since 2012.

    otherwise a google search (or if you like, a baidu search) for "clean network program" or "clean cloud" helps.

    Edited 3 times, last on 8/18/20 3:05 AM by OmranShilunte.

  4. Re: The article is rubbish

    Author: mxcd 18.08.20 - 09:00

    This is also my assessment of Trump's communication strategy, which is why the article is nonsense, I think it's a bit exaggerated.

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