How much is Microsoft company worth

Microsoft is the last public company to be valued at a trillion billion dollars

In the last few months there has been a small race between the various IT giants to see which company will reach a market value of more than one trillion US dollars first. Various companies had also reached this mark, but the corona crisis will not pass the stock exchange either. Of all the one-trillion companies, only Microsoft is now above the magic mark. All others have already slipped below the threshold of one trillion US dollars (1 trillion = 1,000 billion) as a result of the crisis. Most courses have known it for weeks and it also affects the tech giants, who up to now only knew more or less the opposite: constant growth.

The companies in the stock market are constantly losing value, so that pretty much every company that had reached the mark has now fallen below it again. This also applies to IT giants for Apple, Amazon, Google and Co. Of course, Microsoft is also suffering from the current development, but the Redmond company was not hit that hard. Microsoft has lost “only” 14% since the beginning of 2020, but it is still above the mark. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is now the last company that can still record the 13-digit market value. Specifically, the MSFT (Microsoft stock) stands at $ 1.03 trillion.

Apple is hit harder again, because you are massively dependent on your own hardware business, which in turn was hit hard by the Chinese production restrictions. Apple comes to 981.7 billion US dollars. The shipping giant Amazon was hit in a similar way, but things have recently been uphill here. Amazon currently stands far behind at $ 947.3 billion. Google, which is heavily dependent on advertising, is currently falling very low due to the overall situation and is only worth 726.2 billion US dollars.

source: Bloomberg