What is the cancellation of FIR

Cancellation - How to cancel an order

All information about canceling your order

Orders at Studiwork can be canceled at any time. Depending on the status of the order, fees are due or the order can be canceled free of charge.

Free cancellations

If an order has been accepted and published in the order confirmation, but no candidate has been placed or selected by yourself (only possible for orders with self-selection), your order can be canceled completely free of charge at any time.

A free cancellation is also possible for all applicants who have already been placed but have not yet confirmed their participation.

The status of each applicant can be viewed in your account.

Chargeable cancellations

In the case of chargeable cancellations, the time of cancellation must be observed.

Every applicant who has already confirmed his / her participation will receive a Cancellation fee be invoiced. The amount of the current cancellation fee will be displayed in your account.

If an order is canceled less than 24 hours before the planned assignment, 100% of the fees will be charged for all confirmed persons. This serves to ensure the planning security of our students.

Note: Postponements are also free of charge at short notice.


The cancellation applies from the time at which the cancellation is triggered by you. Studiwork receives an automatic notification and will take care of everything necessary. We accept a rejection to the applicant.