Are you homesick for England?

6 tips against homesickness: Enjoy your year abroad!

During your stay abroad, sooner or later you will come to the point where you will miss your family and friends. Homesickness can be a very painful feeling, but it really comes up with almost everyone. Of course, we, your host family and your supervisors are also there for you, but in the worst case we have some tips here on what to do best when homesickness occurs.

Tip # 1: Talk to your host family

Remember: During your stay abroad, your host family is your “surrogate family”. She not only likes to listen to you when you want to talk about your homesickness, such a personal topic always brings you closer. You can do something together, and if you are just watching a DVD, talk about it in peace or just hug it.

Do you also keep a diary? Not only write down your experiences and trips, but also your feelings. So you can speak the grief from the soul and can turn to the previous pages, which was actually great so far!

Tip: Also think about why you wanted to go to the exchange. What were you looking forward to What did you plan to do This is sure to quickly regain enthusiasm.

Tip # 2: Accept your homesickness

It is also important to accept homesickness for what it is. It's perfectly okay for the feeling to be there, and it will go away again, as you get distracted and focus on other things. Now it's a matter of clenching your teeth and persevering. Friends and family miss you and of course you can too. But don't bury your head in the sand, just concentrate on what is there.

Tip # 3: Think about your goals

Why did you go abroad? Did you want to gain new experiences? Get to know the culture? Learn the language? Whatever your personal motivations for your year abroad, remember it. Keep in mind what you'd miss if you abandoned it - this will make it easier for you to see it through.

Tip # 4: take home abroad with you

Take small mementos from home that will help you bring home to boarding school in the USA or Australia. This can be your favorite snack, a photo of the family, your cuddly toy from childhood or your own pillow. Whatever you associate with home is a great reminder.

tip: If your host family allows it, design your room the way you like it and make it cozy. It is especially important that you feel comfortable here, because you will spend a few months or even a whole year here.

Tip # 5: Do a lot and meet new people

Don't let boredom arise during your student exchange, as you will have less time to think about home. Even if you find it difficult, get to know new people and do something with them, for example:

  • go out with the other students from the language course in the evening or have a drink after school
  • find a new hobby and practice it together with others
  • hang out in the mall
  • to do sports
  • meet with classmates
  • go sightseeing with other exchange students

Even if you may find it difficult to speak to others - jump over your shadow. You have nothing to lose and can only win.

Tip: If you're nervous or worried about talking to someone, count to three and then just do it. Usually you feel better afterwards and realize that the worries weren't even necessary. Our article "How to make new friends abroad" also has one or two helpful tips.

Tip # 6: Family contact is okay

If you are totally homesick, talk to home for once. Important: It is generally important to minimize contact and not concentrate even more on home. But a phone call can also help, and your family or friends will reassure you that you made a great, strong decision and that things will soon be looking up.

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