What is the highest quality pen on the market



We often read the question whether the graffiti pens can also be used on normal paper. No, you shouldn't. This applies to all available alcohol markers. You should certainly make your decision based on the frequency of use of the pens.

If you want something from your graffiti pens or the more expensive sets for a long time, then layout or copy paper should be used. Which pens or manufacturers you prefer yourself is up to you according to your own financial possibilities. Significant price differences are possible with the special paper. The "Copic" paper cost considerably more than, for example, the illustration and layout paper, which also served its purpose. There are a large number of other products on the market that have been specially developed for the use of alcohol pens.

If you don't want to use any separate paper at all, you can also use very thin, smooth paper. Mainly, the paper used should not be very absorbent, as it would otherwise suck the ink out of the pen unnecessarily and the ink consumption of the pen would increase considerably.

Normal, rough drawing paper also has other disadvantages, since the colors run uncontrollably on this paper and the beautiful gradient effects on such papers simply cannot be achieved with graffiti pens.

The color of the pen also pushes through the rough paper faster because too much color is absorbed through the roughened surface. In contrast, special paper is specially coated on both sides to prevent this suction effect.