Will remove Instagram fake followers

Why you should definitely delete fake followers

Fake followers certainly have their appeal, but unfortunately these fake fans don't read the great articles that you painstakingly created and then shared on social media.

You're writing articles to drive more traffic to your website, attract new customers, and generate more sales.

Without followers, fans and friends, none of this would be possible, or at least not that easy.

40% of all B2B companies predicted in 2017 that social media would soon be an essential strategy for content marketing.

And of course they were right.

Many companies that started using social media early on were able to outperform the competition by sharing great posts on social media.

Of course you want to be one of the winners.

It would be bad if your company published content that no one would see afterwards.

Your content shouldn't just be seen, however. You want people to interact with your content too, of course.

You are supposed to convert.

Of course, this is easier said than done, and when the current strategy fails, buying the wrong fans and followers is a great enticement.

Customer ratings and recommendations influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers.

If customer recommendations have so much influence, aren't many fake followers actually a good idea?

Fake followers are also a kind of social proof and could real Affect customers, right?

At least that's the idea behind the whole story.

But that doesn't work in practice.

So if you were of the opinion that you had found an abbreviation, unfortunately I have to teach you better. First, however, I want to cover two common methods of buying fake fans and followers.

I'll also show you why you shouldn't do this under any circumstances and then I'll explain how to delete your fake followers if you've already bought some.

Two ways to buy fake followers

There are two methods of buying fake fans and both methods claim to be legitimate.

That's not true, of course, and I'll prove it to you.

Both methods claim two things on their landing page:

  1. That you can't tell that the followers fake are.
  2. That the followers are not fake at all.

The first is, of course, an outright lie, and the second is partially a lie.

But I don't want to anticipate.

Now, let's start with the first method you could (but shouldn't) use to buy fans.

Here comes the spam method.

You go to a website, pay a lot of money and get new fans in exchange for a certain amount of money. But you know that these fans not really are.

Here is such a website:

I want to be completely honest. Any website that claims it is “Real Retweets & Followers” ​​and then places a button that says “Buy Followers” ​​under that statement is an outrageous liar.

Both are not possible.

You can't buy your fans and then expect a real person to be behind the social profile you've bought.

You probably already know that these profiles are all false and are created en masse in order to then sell them to the highest bidder.

This is associated with a number of problems that I will go into in more detail later.

But first I would like to quickly introduce you to the second method, which many people consider more serious than the first. This method is a little more complicated.

You visit a website, then pay an amount for an employee to take care of the company's social profiles and in this way gradually get more fans and followers.

And how do you get more fans like that?

The service follows different profiles and then reverses the whole thing after a certain time if the person in question does not return the favor.

Here is a website that offers such a service:

I want to be completely honest here again.

Both strategies function.

You gain new followers quickly.

But what are the consequences?

As you will see later, it is not worth taking this risk.

I will now give you five good reasons why you should never buy followers and how you can delete your fake fans again if it is not already too late.

1. It most likely violates the platform's terms of use

Buying followers is definitely against the rules, unless you are on a new, as yet unknown social platform that has no rules or terms of use.

False followers are not welcomed and frowned upon on social networks.

You have to naturally attract your fans or pay for advertising.

In addition, a positive user experience cannot be guaranteed if the platform is flooded with incorrect profiles.

So you are not allowed to buy any followers at all.

Not only is the direct purchase of fans prohibited, you are also not allowed to pay for any service or third-party provider to increase the number of your fans.

Here are Instagram's guidelines:

It is forbidden to buy followers.

Is that correct?

Can't I care if Instagram prohibits this or not?

No, you can Not don't care, because Instagram has the right to delete your profile if you violate the guidelines.

So if the scam comes to light, your profile will simply be deleted and that would be a disaster.

Buying false fans is not only risky, it is also dangerous, which is why you must never use a service that follows other profiles and then suddenly no longer follows.

Here are the rules of Twitter:

That should actually convince you to refrain from such dubious methods and delete false fans as quickly as possible, because if your profile is deleted due to a violation of the guidelines, you will no longer have any fans.

You do not go through the lot and do not collect 4,000 euros.

So you run a high risk, because if you buy the wrong followers, your profile could be deleted.

2. You gain more followers, but your interaction rate does not increase

You are not stupid.

If you're buying followers, you probably don't see it as a long-term strategy.

Maybe you just want to give your profile a little boost.

You hope that other people will follow your company profile because you already have so many fans.

But that doesn't work in practice.

It's like playing the lottery.

People think that if they won the lottery, they would be secure and rich forever, but most lottery winners even have to file for bankruptcy later.


Because they get rich overnight, but have never learned to deal with that wealth. You still have the middle class mindset but too much money in your bank account.

So you can't expect to win a lot of fans in one fell swoop and then keep the momentum.

There is also a good case study from AdEspresso.

Here is the history of the engagement rate of a normal strategy on how to get new followers:

And here is the history of the engagement rate for bought followers:

The normal strategy is clearly better.

The reason for this is pretty clear, isn't it?

If you buy your fans and then use these bought fans as social proof, real users immediately notice that something is wrong.

It is immediately noticeable because the thousands of purchased fans do not interact with your content at all.

Does that seem suspicious to users? For sure.

Take a look at the comments from the case study mentioned above.

Here are the results of the legitimate strategy:

And here is the result of the dubious strategy:

Purchased fans do not deal with your content and that makes real users suspicious, and it also leads to a noticeable mismatch between the number of your followers and your interaction rate.

People may click on your link and visit your profile when you have many thousands of followers, but when they see that nobody is sharing or commenting on your posts, they will immediately know that you have either bought your followers or assume that you have Your content is just bad.

Both are bad for business and for attracting fans (real fans) on social media.

3. Fake followers can damage your reputation

What if I told you that you were losing your customers' trust?

Would that stop you from buying fans?

Nobody wants to follow a company that buys their fans. Customers want to follow companies that produce interesting content and exchange ideas with their fans.

Users want to follow companies that have honestly built their fan base.


Because these companies share interesting content and thus have earned their fans.

I mean, who wouldn't want to follow a company that regularly shares great new content?

Fake followers have exactly the opposite effect.

You are damaging your results because if your customers find out that you bought your followers, your reputation will be ruined.

It's hard enough to win the trust of your customers anyway. Nobody trusts companies or the government anymore.

In 2015, 60% of Americans still trusted their companies.

In 2016 it was only 51%.

So you can't allow yourself to lose the trust of your customers, but if you buy your followers, that's essential.

Believe me, the short-term effect is not worth the long-term risk.

Here is an interesting statistic: 97% of all customers let product reviews influence their purchase decision.

The opinions of other customers about your company are important to potential customers.

But if you buy your fans and thus also the social proof, your real fans will be disappointed.

They trusted you and you cheated on them.

4. Fake followers distort your data and results

What would a company be without reliable data?

You cannot make well-informed decisions without accurate data.

And without data, a marketer isn't a marketer either.

Every single decision, be it the advertising text, the image on a page or the colors of your buttons, is based on reliable information.

However, when you buy your fans, you distort your results.

Now you can no longer make well-informed decisions because you are relying on the wrong marketing data.

Perhaps you've shared great content, but you think the post didn't go down well because no one interacted with the content. Fake followers are to blame for this.

Or you share a terrible piece of content, but get good results because you paid a dubious service for engagement.

With fake fans, your data just isn't meaningful.

And let's be honest, it's hard enough to determine the ROI anyway.

In fact, many marketers say that the ROI of social media strategies can be the most difficult to determine.

Then, when the results are skewed, determining the return on investment becomes even more difficult.

To be able to evaluate the success of a strategy, you need tangible results on engagement, traffic and conversion rate.

However, meaningful results cannot be achieved with fake followers. So believe me when I tell you that under no circumstances should you buy your fans.

For example, it would be much more useful and effective if you improved the quality of your data.

A lot of marketers and companies are struggling with that too.

Do you want clear and reliable results?

Then you are not allowed to buy followers!

Fake followers not only distort your results, they also provide inaccurate data, from which it can no longer be read which content is well received and which is not.

It gets worse when you also pay for engagement.

While it's tempting, you'd better spend your money on other things, such as shopping. B. to find out who is buying your products and where your sales come from.

5. Fake followers are not as effective as real followers

One thing should be clear to you. Your fake fans will certainly not buy your products and services.

The website said that the fans were real and that no one would tell the difference between a fake and a real follower, but that was drowned and a lie.

But you are not stupid, so of course you figured it out a long time ago.

If you buy fake followers, your company will not benefit from them as much as real and honestly won fans.

The AdEspresso case study that I mentioned above actually proved that.

The increase in fans with honest methods looks like this:

Dubious methods look like this:

The difference is clearly visible and convincing.

Organic fans attract more organic fans.

Fake followers Notbecause they are not real.

They have no friends and therefore cannot recommend your company to their friends.

And when the real users find out that you bought your fans, your good reputation is ruined.

This is not the case with real followers. AdEspresso also found that more users visited the website.

Here are the results of the reputable method:

And here are the results of the dubious method:

The same trend could be observed in the conversion rate.

However, these results are not really surprising, because fake profiles cannot buy products, whereas real fans can.

Here are the results of the traditional method of attracting new fans:

And here again the results of the dubious method:

Of course, you should increase the number of your fans, but only with serious strategies, not by buying false followers.

Many people claim that dubious methods work, but that's not true.

How to find and delete fake followers

You made a mistake. You realized that you shouldn't have bought your fans.

Not bad. Everyone makes a mistake.

In the meantime you have realized that you shouldn't buy your fans and hopefully you want to remove your fake followers as soon as possible.

Fortunately, this is very easy.

Here are a few programs that you can use.

Fake Followers Check:

Twitter audit:

Or IGExorcist:

Once you've removed the wrong profiles, you can work on growing your fan base naturally. These new fans will then also buy your products and you will no longer take any risks.

Believe me, winning real fans is well worth the time and effort.

I can say with absolute certainty that it is definitely worth more than buying fake followers.


I understand you

Buying from fans is tempting.

The dubious websites are only interested in your money and lie that the bars are bending.

They claim that the method does not involve any risks. They say they found a loophole in the social platform guidelines and that no one has ever been caught.

That's a lie.

These websites want to pull the money out of your pocket and of course they don't shy away from lying.

Yes, you will get more followers this way, but if you get caught you will be punished, you will lose your reputation and you will definitely not get your money back.

Real fans do not take any risks and buy your products.

This is how you generate more sales and promote the growth of your company.

Under no circumstances should you disregard the rules and guidelines of the social platforms. Fake followers lead to an imbalance between the number of your fans and the interaction rate of your company page, damage the good reputation of your company and distort your results.

To avoid these catastrophic consequences, you should instead create great content and that way gradually build a real fan base.

I promise you that you will thank me later for not losing your money to the dubious websites.

Why do you think fake followers should be deleted?