How do they personalize radio stations

Hard on the air? How radio stations are brought closer to their listeners

Support interaction

MARCONI is increasingly concentrating on the involvement of users in radio broadcasts and is pursuing two goals, which are listed on the project website. “First, consumers can interact with 'live' radio in a number of ways through their preferred communication channel. Second, radio makers get a holistic view of audience interactions and are supported by interaction automation services. ”To make this vision a reality and simplify interaction between radio producers and listeners, the project recently organized a radio hack week. The MARCONI partners created a prototype “a feasibility study that combines the applications for the overview, telephoning and chatting and the playback instruments in an integrated radio production system”, says the project's blog. “At the end of the hack week, we presented the feasibility study to a large group of radio producers and technicians. Our next steps include preparing the prototype for actual radio productions and testing it in a real studio environment. ”The MARCONI project will run until February 2020. The platform also promotes the interactive involvement of listeners through surveys and targeted targeting based on location and other measurement data. Further information: MARCONI project website