Is the impeachment of Dilma Rouseff justified?

Press release: Rousseff's impeachment not justified

Niels Annen, Foreign Policy Spokesperson:

The SPD parliamentary group is observing the current developments in Brazil with great concern. The Senate's decision to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office sets a dangerous precedent for Brazilian democracy. Up to the end of the proceedings, the President could not be proven to have acted that would have legally justified removal from office.

“Rousseff's alleged misconduct was just a pretext for the right-wing parties to deal with the progressive policy of the PT Workers' Party under President Lula and his successor Rousseff in expanding the welfare state and fighting poverty and defending the privileges of the old elites. The Brazilian constitution was thus abused.

The fact that the previous Vice President Michel Temer and his PMDB have now come to power through impeachment and not through elections has deepened the division of the country and inflicted lasting damage on Brazilian democracy. There is no question that Brazil is facing major challenges, including economic ones. The serious corruption cases at the para-state oil company Petrobras have also shaken people's confidence in the political system and the parties.

Despite intensive investigations, however, there was never any reliable evidence that Dilma Rousseff was involved in the Petrobras scandal, whereas leading representatives of the interim government have already had to resign due to corruption allegations. While in a democratic constitutional state it is the task of the judiciary to investigate all allegations of corruption and falsification of accounts, the political orientation of the country should be decided at the ballot boxes alone. "