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Hello even if the thread is already "ancient" - I've found a solution !!

I'll briefly describe my "problem": We bought new patio tiles last summer and had them "put on" and grouted by a worker. According to the information in the hardware store, an employee told me that you don't have to remove the grout immediately because there is a cement grinder remover ..... Well about 2 months after hours of scrubbing with all kinds of brushes (the panels are discolored as a result), After using all kinds of chemical substances (including the cement grinder remover), the panels ended up looking exactly the same as before the treatments.

I just left it that way over the winter and didn't want to worry about it anymore. After looking for solutions on the internet like mad and unfortunately I couldn't find any I was of the opinion "I don't give a shit, we will do it again"

Last week my parents came by with a Kärcher and ..... THIS STICKY MORTAR IS GOING AWAY! It takes time ... but at least a solution that a woman can cope with! Unfortunately I can't tell you which Kärcher my parents have - but according to my father it's not the strongest.

Since I have not yet read anything about this solution on the Internet, I wanted to add it here - from left someone will find my answer via Google, etc. and thus save money, nerves and strength :)