How do you get homesick or car sickness

Traveling with globules?

Homeopathy is a regulatory medicine. If correctly indicated, it releases self-healing powers in the body that are often not achieved by the researched allopathic drugs.
Illness disorders at the holiday destination are often of a minor nature. They also encounter a robust and recovered organism. In this situation, globules are particularly effective and often save the traveler the need to go to an emergency room. On the other hand, it must be emphasized that in the case of serious illnesses the use of naturopathic remedies and the necessary medical treatment at the holiday destination must not be delayed.
Far away from the home practice, the following applies: if the symptoms of the disease do not subside quickly under self-medication, a doctor should always be consulted.
Of course, homeopathic treatment does not replace the necessary travel vaccinations. Nor can it replace general precautionary measures against certain country-specific dangers - for example when traveling to extreme climates, inadequate hygienic conditions, malaria and other endemic dangers.

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Which medicine for the first-aid kit?

Homeopathy is one personotropic medicine. The remedy must therefore be found which most closely resembles the personality of the patient and the overall picture of the symptoms. Such a constitutional remedy, however, requires a detailed analysis discussion, which as a rule cannot be carried out when traveling. The selection of medicines for the first-aid kit is therefore not that easy.
In the self-treatment of acute motion sickness, medicines are used that have regularly helped with certain illnesses. One speaks of the so-called "proven indications". Characteristic, recurring illness situations are observed and asGuiding symptoms indicated for the appropriate medicinal product in each case. In the following, examples of typical symptom constellations for vacation illnesses are described and a suitable homeopathic medicine is indicated.

Travel sickness

On vacation trips (car, boat, flight), children in particular suffer from dizziness and nausea. A tried and tested home remedy is to enjoy fresh parsley before starting your journey, plus light food, such as vegetables with potatoes, and fennel or lemon balm tea instead of milk.

Cocculus is the main remedy for travel sickness with dizziness and moderate weakness. If, on the other hand, dizziness is accompanied by severe nausea, a feeling of cold with cool sweat and paleness, this is the caseTobacco displayed. Breaks, fresh air and closing your eyes improve the symptoms. If the "seasickness" is even more pronounced, the administration ofTheridion. In contrast to tobacco, these children experience increased dizziness and vomiting when they close their eyes and are also sensitive to noise.

Air travel

In the case of fear of flying or panic reactions accompanied by physical restlessness, the administration of Aconitum napellus one hour before departure. If the child reacts with nervous gastrointestinal complaints (abdominal cramps and diarrhea), is irritable and anxious at the sight of the crowd in the counter hall, so isArgentum nitricum the means of choice. Also Phosphorus is an important remedy for fear of flying in sensitive, lively, but rather cautious, fearful children.
If the sagging of the aircraft in air holes or on approach causes discomfort and nausea, has borax proven. The child is restless and shaky and cannot tolerate tobacco smoke.
The short-term changes in cabin pressure during take-off and landing can cause ventilation disorders in the inner ear area with resulting ear pain in children with a corresponding tendency. To make it easier to equalize pressure in the inner ear, small children are given a (tea) drink and, if necessary, nasal drops to reduce swelling during ascent and descent.

Sunstroke - Insolation

Young children should never play in the midday sun without their hats on. Due to the relatively large head circumference and the mostly still low hair density, children are particularly at risk of excessive heat on the central nervous system. First of all, the patients are brought to a shady place, gently cooled with damp towels and given plenty of drinks. In the first phase of sunstroke symptoms, the children complain of a throbbing headache, they have a red head, dry, hot skin, are restless and over-sensitive to noise. At this stage it isBelladonna very helpful. In the case of severe, bursting headaches, if the face is rather pale Glonoinum the means of choice. If you already have nausea and vomiting, the children may be pale with cold sweaty skin Veratrum album are given.
Medical help should be sought immediately because of the risk of the onset of cerebral edema.

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Heat intolerance

In the case of so-called heat build-up (e.g. driving a car on hot days) is suitable PulsatillaAccording to their constitution: the children are whiny or in changeable moods, cannot bear tight clothing, no hot, stuffy rooms and generally prefer to play in the fresh air. In contrast to the Pulsatilla constitution, this holds upGelsemium-Child reluctant to be outdoors. It reacts to the heat of the sun with a headache, feels dizzy, especially the extremities and eyelids are perceived as "heavy", "as if paralyzed".
The main remedy for the feeling of weakness and the symptoms of exhaustion in summer temperatures is Natrum muriaticum. Even small exertions in the heat of the sun are avoided as they lead to exhaustion. In case of physical overexertion with impending collapse on particularly hot daysAntimonium crudum an effective remedy, especially suitable for often ill-tempered children. In mild forms of heat lack of power with pallor, paresthesia and cold sweatCarbo vegetabilis given for circulatory stabilization.


Vinegar compresses provide relief from sunburns and first-degree burns. If the affected area of ​​skin is shiny red and swollen it helpsApis mellifica. To relieve the severe burning pain, is primarily suitable Cantharis, initially given in frequent doses. Burned, itchy blisters appear on the burned skin Urtica urens displayed. The acute as well as the further healing phase can be done with Causticum support well. Externally, it is recommended to use an arnica essence (e.g. Combudoron jelly). In the event of severe burns (blistering), medical help must be sought immediately.

Summer flu

Parents often underestimate how easily children can get cold in the middle of summer, for example during an extended visit to the beach, the rising sea breeze on the beach or too light clothing in the evening hours. If cold or wetness (swimwear) is the cause of an infection, it isDulcamara the means of choice. The children suffer from a tough yellow-greenish stick runny nose, also with involvement of the ears, conjunctivitis and develop a slimy diarrhea.
If a windy day at the pool is followed by a rapidly rising fever with chills, it starts with Aconite treated. If, in the further course of the fever, there is increasing circulatory centralization, characterized by damp, sweaty skin, a red head, with cold extremities at the same timeBelladonna displayed. Ferrum phosphoricum is a reliable febrifuge for children who are prone to infections and who are prone to otitis media. They are rather pale and typically feel little affected by the disease.Chamomilla in turn helps with irritated, angry fever children - not only during the teething period. Colds after excessive sweating are associated withRhus toxicodendron treated, especially if joint pain and cold sores show up over time. One of the main remedies for flu-like infections in warm, humid summer weather isGelsemium sempervirens. The predominant weakness and tremors of the child are characteristic here. The course of the disease is slow, with a rather leisurely rise in fever. If the flu is accompanied by severe pain in the limbs and bones or even bilious vomiting, it isEupatorium perfoliatum the means of choice.


It is not uncommon for children to be worried or unsettled by the many changes at the holiday destination. They miss the familiar and the familiar environment. If emotional, moody, more introverted children feel homesick, this is suitableIgnatia. The patients react acutely with loss of appetite, they sigh frequently, and reject the comforting affection of their parents. Equally consoling is the constitution of theNatrum muriaticum- A child who, however, endures his grief (in contrast to the Ignatia type) rather quietly to himself. It has a generally resentful character and finds large crowds and the heat of the sun unbearable. The homesick child, on the other hand, who is able to howl openly and extensively and who receives great comfort from the parental pats, receivesPulsatilla.

Basic equipment for the first-aid kit

  • Aconitum napellus: Fright, shock, first aid for acute febrile infections
  • Apis mellfica: Insect bites, sunburn, urticaria
  • Arnica: Bruise, hematoma, injury, commotio
  • Arsenicum album: Gastrointestinal infection with diarrhea and vomiting
  • Belladonna: Acute fever with sweat, sunstroke
  • Bryonia alba: Sprains, sore joints, dry painful cough
  • Calendula: Main remedy for all types of open wounds
  • Cantharis: Burns, cystitis
  • Carbo vegetabilis: Circulatory collapse, indigestion with flatulence
  • Chamomilla: Irritability, teething pain, earache
  • Cocculus: Motion sickness, dizziness
  • Colocynth: Abdominal cramps, gastric colic
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum: Flu with aching limbs, vomiting of bile
  • Ferrum phosphoricum: Febrile infections, ear infections
  • Gelsemium sempervirens:Summer flu with headache and “paralyzed” drowsiness
  • Witch hazel: Venous bleeding, contusion
  • Hepar sulfuris: Purulent infection
  • Hypericum perforatum: Nerve injury, pain management for injuries
  • Ipecacuanha: Main remedy for vomiting
  • Ledum palustre: Insect bites, painful bone and joint injuries
  • Mercurius solubilis: Malodorous purulent infections
  • Sodium muriaticum: Main remedy for heat intolerance, homesickness
  • Nux vomica: Gastrointestinal infection, "hangover drug"
  • Okoubaka: Mild food poisoning
  • Phosphorus: Fear of flying, nosebleeds
  • Pulsatilla pratensis: Infection, ear infection, homesickness
  • Rhus toxicodendron: Summer diarrhea, lip sores, sore muscles
  • Staphisagria: Cuts
  • Tobacco: Motion sickness, circulatory collapse
  • Veratrum album: Gastrointestinal infection with vomiting, diarrhea and physical weakness