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Clinic for Cardiology and Diabetology

The field of heart medicine(Cardiology) focuses on interventional cardiology including 24-hour on-call service for cardiac catheter diagnostics and coronary interventions, conservative cardiology, electrophysiology and rhythmology, the treatment of heart failure including the implantation of all devices (pacemaker, ICD, bivent. ICD) and cardiac imaging (cardio -MRI, cardio-CT).

Electrophysiological examinations are routinely performed in large numbers (interventional treatment of atrial flutter and fibrillation, as well as ablation of ventricular arrhythmias).

Patients with mitral valve defects receive interventional treatment with MitraClip (R) in our clinic.

Catheter-assisted aortic valve implantations (TAVI) are carried out at the Magdebug Clinic in the "heart team" together with the two heart clinics of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

In the context of vascular medicine(Angiology) we work closely with the vascular surgeons and radiologists and together form the certified "Vascular Center Magdeburg", in which the conservative and interventional treatment of all vascular diseases is offered at a high level.

TheDiabetology covers the treatment of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and is operated as a DDG-certified center.

In our clinic there is also the full range ofsports medicineDiagnostics, performance diagnostics and therapy with a focus on internal and cardiological diseases are available.

TheInternal intensive care medicine includes the therapy of all clinical pictures of the sub-area on a 29 bed ward. One focus is the treatment of heart attack-related cardiogenic shock.

TheInterdisciplinary emergency room ensures fast and effective emergency care for all patients at a high level. Patients with heart attacks and chest pain are optimally cared for by a Chest Pain Unit certified by the German Society for Cardioliogy / Heart and Circulatory Research.

We'll take thattraining of the young colleagues very seriously: in our clinic and in the center for internal medicine (center director: ChA Prof. Dr. med. H. Schmidt) you can become a specialist in internal medicine, a specialist in general medicine, a cardiologist, a diabetologist, be trained as an internal intensive care physician and sports physician (more detailed on the following pages). Many colleagues also acquire an emergency doctor's certificate here and regularly work as an emergency doctor. If you are interested in working in our team, you are welcome to introduce yourself to us personally.

Wecooperateespecially close to the resident doctors of the city of Magdeburg, all surrounding hospitals and the university clinics in Magdeburg and Halle.