A doctorate in computer science is worthwhile

Doctorate in computer science: the doctor for the digital

Desire to research? Then do your doctorate!

Raphael Leon Bialon would already find a good job in the private sector. He'd probably even earn more money there than at university. Nevertheless, the computer scientist stayed at the alma mater after completing his master’s degree, to give lecturesTo supervise students and, above all, to work on his dissertation. The reason for this decision was alone the passion for research. "I can work very independently here. In doing so, I gain knowledge and experience in managing projects, motivating students and giving lectures at conferences," explains the doctoral student. 2I will also benefit from this professionally. "

You have to motivate yourself!

Most computer science doctoral students are like Raphael Leon Bialon. You have the necessary self-motivation to research a technical problem over several years and enjoy the Freedoms of running the university - often knowing that they will have many years to come as an employee. Other graduates, who are not looking to pursue an academic career anyway, switch to business immediately after completing their master’s degree.

"Those who do not enjoy scientific work will find writing their dissertation a very rocky road. With a degree in computer science today, in our experience, you can get one even without a doctorate very good place, especially in younger IT companies, "emphasizes Dr. Michelle Carnell, head of the Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science.

Later you can always go into business

In the long run, however, the doctorate also pays off in the private sector: "Anyone who has made it through a doctorate has in-depth specialist knowledge and has also demonstrated special problem-solving skills. Especially traditional companies still believe in this additional qualification and are happy to assign project management positions to doctorates Applicants, "says Carnell.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckert, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Chairman of the Doctoral Committee at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology says: "Anyone who wants to import updates into existing systems or keep data centers running will not benefit much from a doctorate wants to develop and implement ideas independently, can already delve into a problem over a long period of time in the dissertation. In many cases, the skills acquired in this way also pay off financially in the medium and long term. "

They have it good: financially secure!

Those who have the talent for a doctorate become frequent approached by a potential supervisor in the course of the master’s degree. "The professors encourage suitable candidates to pursue the doctorate. The chances of getting a suitable research position are very good," emphasizes Carnell. Anyone who knows which chair they want to do their doctorate at should also write their master's thesis there and gain experience as a student assistant in advance.

Anyone who wants to get into the private sector immediately anyway can do theirs Thesis write in a company. Doctoral students are usually financed through state offices at the universities or through third-party funds. Computer scientists rarely have to apply for a scholarship, for example.

Anyone who opts for an individual doctorate at the chair has one close relationship with his doctoral supervisor. "Contrary to what the name suggests, he or she is by no means a lone fighter, but rather integrated into the team and the daily teaching and research operations," emphasizes Beckert. Doctoral students in structured programs are often supervised by a team that also offers them specific further training opportunities. They can concentrate more on their dissertations, so that on average they complete their doctorates more quickly.

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