Is the Google Duo app the best

Google Duo: a good alternative to Facetime and Co.?

Video calls with several participants are currently in high demand. Google's Duo app could now be more interesting for small work groups or virtual family get-togethers.

Make twelve out of eight: Google has increased the maximum possible number of participants for its video messenger Duo to a dozen. The new limit is intended to make virtual meetings or conferences easier for users - especially in the current Corona crisis.

In fact, there is no real shortage of video chat tools right now. In the professional environment, apps such as Zoom or Teams are used extensively - in private, services such as Skype, Facetime or the WhatsApp video call are often used.

Google Duo places itself between the competitors

Google's Duo tries to fit in between and could well be an alternative for many users, which is also due to the wide availability: Duo is available for Android mobile devices as well as for iPhones and iPads.

In addition, the fully encrypted service works directly in the browser. Calls can not only be started there, but also accepted. The only requirement for using the apps or the web client is registration with a Google account.

For some users, this is probably better than Facetime or Zoom

This makes Duo interesting for some private users as well as for small companies: On the one hand, the service is free and now allows up to twelve participants, which is sufficient for smaller teams and larger families.

On the other hand, there are no restrictions in terms of devices or call duration: Facetime can accommodate up to 32 participants and is comparatively easy to use, but only works on Apple devices. Zoom can also be used free of charge for large groups, but the duration of the conversation is limited in the free version.

Duo, on the other hand, allows both audio and video calls directly from the browser via a web client. However, in principle everything works with Skype from Microsoft, which is already preinstalled on many PCs. In addition, only the caller needs to be registered with Skype, all other participants can be invited to a call via a link and do not have to register. In comparison, however, Duo is a tad easier to use.

Duo is certainly not the right candidate for everyone in the field of video chat programs, it does not offer an essential unique selling point. If you find other applications too cumbersome, you should definitely take a look at the app.

Note: In the previous version of the text it was stated that an application had to be installed for Skype calls. In fact, conversations and video calls can also be made directly via a web app.

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