Can a robot get tired?

These are the advantages of artificial intelligence

In our last post we already reported what AI actually is and what significance it has for the future of companies. Nevertheless, the question remains open as to which specific advantages of artificial intelligence exist in everyday work. In this post we show you the positive aspects of AI, especially in the area of ​​roboting.

Futuristic buzzwords such as chatbots, self-driving cars or networked machines are already giving an initial indication of the future that the use of AI can make possible. In companies, too, the advantages of using it are obvious. Increased efficiency, avoidance of repetitive tasks and optimized customer service are just a few of these advantages.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Roboting

The new technology offers a first indication of the role AI will play in enabling people to work more effectively. This results in ten advantages for companies - but also for people's private lives.

1. The cost factor

Implementing and setting up robots saves enormous costs. Robots are cheaper than human labor and thus lower the cost of spending on company staff. Even if jobs are lost in production due to the use of robots, new jobs are created in many other areas.

2. Precision

Compared to humans, robots are able to work much more precisely. This is due to the fact that they have completely different fine motor skills and, for example, do not tremble. They also have a large number of moving parts that can perform tasks with the highest degree of accuracy.

3. Strength

Humans only have a limited energy reserve, which naturally puts a limit to the amount of physical activity they can do. Robots, in comparison, are much stronger and can also perform tasks that cannot be physically carried out by humans.

4th variation

Robots can be built in different shapes, sizes and designs, while the basic structure of the human body always remains the same. In this way, robots can be built according to individual needs and requirements for the respective tasks.

5. Security

Compared to humans, robots can defy environmental conditions that are dangerous for us humans without being harmed. In addition, these can also be used under extreme heat or under water and still deliver efficient results.

6. No own will

An important point and at the same time an advantage: Robots cannot replace humans. Artificial intelligence is always dependent on programming by humans and only listens to their commands. Because: A robot cannot ignore commands, since it only exists to execute them and is programmed accordingly.

7. Endless labor

It is part of the natural biorhythm of humans that they get tired after a while and have to recharge their resources. Robots, on the other hand, can work on their tasks 24/7 without getting tired or losing cognitive skills.

Additional advantages:

8. Efficient healthcare

One of the industries that will benefit in many ways from artificial intelligence is, for example, healthcare. It is hoped that the use of AI will enable diagnoses to be made more quickly, for example. In addition, simple administrative tasks are taken over by the robots. This enables the processes in healthcare to be optimized.

9. End of bureaucracy

The use of AI can also provide a real boost in efficiency in public authorities. Applications can be processed more quickly and thus the waiting time for citizens is reduced. In this way, bureaucracy can be reduced and administrative procedures become more efficient.

10. Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving, i.e. driving without having to drive the vehicle yourself, is also being promoted by AI. You can currently see it in the example of driverless subways that are already in use in cities like Milan, for example.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in everyday life too

People also benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence in their private everyday lives. Services like Netflix and Amazon already use AI technology and thus enable recommendations, personalized advertising or dynamic pricing. What other advantages the use of AI will bring for your company, e.g. for your marketing, will soon be found here!

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