What is Clinton MS known for

The Clintons' secret business

New revelations bring the Clinton Foundation into the talk again in the United States. Media close to the Democrats also refer to the foundation as the core of a system that primarily serves the goals of the family.

Hillary Clinton is generous. Your Republican competitor Donald Trump usually just makes false promises to charitable institutions. Clinton, on the other hand, donated 10 percent of her gross income last year. That emerges from the recently published tax return of the Democratic presidential candidate. But Clinton's generosity also has limits. She gave almost all of the million from her income to her own family's foundation, the Clinton Foundation. This is now being discussed again.

During her time as Secretary of State, confidants of Clinton donors helped the foundation initiate contacts for government contracts. This emerges from e-mails that the US State Department has now published in connection with the affair over Clinton's private e-mail server. It has long been known that American arms companies and their customers in the Middle East transferred around 140 million dollars to the foundation after Clinton had approved the business as Secretary of State.

Donations in connection with a high-tech project in Russia during Clinton's time in the State Department also appear dubious. Right-wing media like Breitbart have therefore been branding the foundation for some time as a blatant example of corrupt behavior by Clinton and her husband Bill.

Donations and hefty fees

The left-liberal “New York Review of Books” also describes the foundation as the core of a difficult-to-understand “Clinton system” that serves less good purposes than the aims of the family. After all, banks like Goldman Sachs didn't just support the foundation. Many donors also paid hefty speech fees to both Clintons and wrote checks on Hillary Clinton's election campaigns for her Senate mandate in New York state and for the US presidency. Bill Clinton has made many speeches during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State at corporations looking for business benefits from the State Department.

Founded in 1997 to build Bill Clinton's Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, the foundation has raised over $ 2 billion to date. The donations come primarily from American companies such as Coca-Cola, Monsanto, Exxon Mobil and Microsoft. Financial houses such as the Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs, but also the major Swiss bank UBS, are particularly important. A third of the donations come from governments, companies and individuals abroad. For example, Saudi Arabia supported the construction of the library with $ 10 million.

The Clintons' secret business

In addition to its headquarters in Bill Clinton's home state of Arkansas, the foundation has a large office in New York. Daughter Chelsea has been on the board since 2011, and Hillary Clinton, after her departure as Secretary of State in 2013, was employed by the institution, which was called The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation until her candidacy for president a year ago. Overall, however, the foundation appears to be the child of the former president. It was also Bill Clinton who first caused scandals around the foundation.

Right-wing media brand the foundation as a blatant example of corrupt behavior by Clinton and her husband Bill.

In 2008, Canadian commodity trader Frank Giustra donated $ 131 million after Clinton helped him obtain a valuable uranium license in Kazakhstan. Since 2005, the foundation has been hosting annual gala events for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York, which serves as an umbrella for the foundation's activities. The CGI events give corporate managers the opportunity to chat with Bill Clinton for $ 250,000 each and serve celebrities from business, politics, science and culture to cultivate relationships.

In contrast to most foundations in the USA, the Clinton Foundation does not give funds to existing aid organizations, but rather initiates its own programs worldwide. Projects to fight AIDS or to promote women in the Third World are recognized by independent experts. In contrast, educational projects in Latin America, for example, appear to be ineffective and the Foundation does not provide a precise track record on its website.

Meat pot for followers

The self-commitment explains the astonishingly high number of 2000 employees for a foundation with an annual budget of around 250 million dollars. The top positions are mostly held by men who are usually paid better than their female colleagues. The foundation also appears as a meat pot for Clintons' followers. In addition to Hillary's campaign leader John Podesta, several members of her team previously worked for the foundation.

Her closest colleague, Huma Abedin, took a beating: As the private emails show, at the end of Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, Abedin was simultaneously working for the State Department, the Foundation, Clinton himself and the consulting firm Teneo, which worked closely with the Foundation is connected.

For the media and Clinton's opponents, this felt is a hit. It seems explosive that many of the now published e-mails come from messages from the private server that Clinton did not pass on to the State Department because they allegedly concern personal matters. However, the emails went to official addresses in the State Department. The Foreign Ministry wants to make more of this news public.

In addition, there is growing concern among the Democrats that Russian hackers could also break into the Foundation's e-mail servers. Both of these could lead to further revelations about dubious processes in the "Clinton system" by the November election. To prevent at least further problems, Bill Clinton pulled the emergency brake on Thursday: If Hillary becomes president, the foundation will no longer accept foreign donations. And the CGI gala event will definitely take place for the last time this September.