Should underage PDA be criminalized

The Zurich Labor Party shows understanding for the growing resentment in the population that has arisen in connection with UBS's socially hostile business practices.
Anyone who pumps up the state in the billions and then declares afterwards that they have to lay off employees and also pay out bonuses in the usual amount is acting socially destructive. He enriches himself in a society that has been told for years that it has to save and accept many cuts in the social area. There is less and less money for the population, but for banks there is money immediately and in the billions. Anyone who defends themselves against this gradual destruction of our social systems will be criminalized. This is what happened on January 17th in Zurich.

Two students, aged 15 and 16, were arrested by the police on suspicion of participating in the paint attack against UBS. Two minors are imprisoned for a colored facade. This state measure not only massively violates proportionality. It is also arbitrary. Apparently any resistance of the population against the social destruction of our society should be nipped in the bud. The Swiss financial center needs quiet streets. It has to be quiet because the mighty of this world meet in Davos for the WEF. The PdAZ does not support this policy of the rulers. She shows her solidarity with the arrested youth and demands the immediate release of the two minors!

Zurich, January 29, 2009

Source: PdA weblog