App to download YouTube videos in Android

So you can download YouTube videos to your mobile phone

This is how you can download YouTube videos on Android

As mentioned, downloading YouTube videos is a little different depending on whether you are using iOS or Android. In both cases this succeeds without any major problems. For example, if you are the owner of a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or a Motorola One Action, then you should definitely take a look at the app "TubeMate" throw. TubeMate is currently the most popular application for downloading YouTube videos. The advantages of the application are obvious: It is extremely easy to use and offers you all the functions you need without being overwhelming. To install the TubeMate application, you first need a trick: The app cannot be found in the Google Play Store, so you must first allow your device to download applications outside the Play Store. The fact that the app cannot be found in the official store is not due to its lack of security, but to the fact that Google (which includes both YouTube and Android) does not like downloading YouTube videos that much. However, this should not deter you from using the service of the TubeMate app.

To allow your Android phone to download apps outside of the Google Play Store, go to Settings> Apps & notifications> Advanced> Special app access> Install unknown apps. You can then select the browser with which you would like to download the TubeMate app. If you are using an older Android version, this feature can also be found under Settings> Security & Location> Unknown Sources to be found. Once you have activated the corresponding function, go to the "" website (ideally with the browser you have previously verified) and load the app onto your device. Various download links are displayed on the website. Select one of them and start downloading the application. You may need to first confirm that you are about to download an app that is not authorized by the Google Play Store.

After downloading the application, tap "To install“And then on "To open". To successfully download YouTube videos, you must first grant the app permissions on your device so that the videos can also be saved there. The good news: The TubeMate app is very similar in structure and function to the YouTube application - the navigation is therefore self-explanatory. So all you have to do is look for a video in the TubeMate app and press the download button at the bottom right. Select the format in which the video should be downloaded and the quality it should be. Tap Download again and your video clip will begin downloading. You can also reserve videos that you want to download later. In this way you save additional data volume. If you can, always use WiFi to download the videos.