Is art inherently presumptuous

Presumptuous art pushes itself into things that are none of their business, it puffs up when language symbolism plays up as power, it always puts its own point of view in the center, including that of others, it is tolerant where presumption has its place , and adamant where other people and their opinions are colonized. It is therefore expressly opposed to all types of schools, and to the teaching, which is only widespread on the basis of institutionalized power, that it opposes all constraints that leave no room for the natural freedom of each individual and thus the community; it takes action where there are obvious rights are attacked, thus protecting nature from selfish exploitation. Presumptuous art is constructive, it makes suggestions for solving conflicts and problems without having studied everything, it always interferes where the positive heroes of our fairy tales and dream worlds would interfere. Presumptuous art is for the anarchy of reality, because power always leads to the destruction of the utopia of freedom, and the bondage that always exists is established as a comfortable permanent solution in the sense of the powerful. The forms of representation and action of arrogant art are open. All forms of intervening in the reality of thought patterns are the goal. In doing so, violating the dignity of someone who does not violate the dignity of others is decisively prevented. Critical respect for people, presumptuous respect for their deeds is the attitude of presumptuous art. The presumptuous artist checks his actions against the reality of the results and effects of his art. Only in the self-critical distance, in the careful consideration of the artistic forms does the presumptuous artist prove to be such and different from the one who misuses such an understanding of art to exercise his own power. The Greenpeace activists are arrogant artists, Beuys was an arrogant artist, Rembrandt was an arrogant artist. The presumptuous artist does not create art for sale. He can of course sell them if a person wants and is able to own the result of his action. The buyer is not allowed to privatize the result. All copyrights remain with the arrogant artist. The arrogant art eludes the art market and art criticism. The art criticism is only exercised by practicing arrogant artists in solidarity, related to the goals of this art. In any case, arrogant art refuses to interfere with juries, art scholars, journalists, museum directors, collection managers, cultural officials and other people cloned in accordance with the art market.